TNT Provides a Trailer for Proof and Announces a Few More Horror(ish) Projects in Development

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TNT Provides a Trailer for Proof and Announces a Few More Horror(ish) Projects in DevelopmentAlong with announcing “The Shop,” which we told you about earlier today, TNT has rebranded itself as “TNT Drama – Boom,” picked up “Proof” as a new series, and has a few more in development.

You can see the trailer for “Proof” below, and per Deadline, here are the horror and horror-ish projects the network currently has in development:

“Breed” – Producers: Invention Film Co, Nicky Weinstock, Scott Winant (“True Blood”), John Scott Shepherd (“Save Me,” “Life or Something Like It”); Writer: John Scott Shepherd
This atmospheric, supernatural drama centers on a volatile race of creatures who are committing brutal murders in the Pacific Northwest and the reluctant FBI investigator who pairs with a female assassin to track them. “Breed” mixes suspense, excitement, and humor to create an exhilarating ride full of unexpected moments and unforgettable characters.

“Fix-It Men” – Producers: Mark Gordon (“Criminal Minds,” “Grey’s Anatomy”), Nick Pepper, Joe Carnahan (“The Blacklist”), John Glenn (Eagle Eye, The Lazarus Project); Director: Joe Carnahan (“The Blacklist”); Writers: John Glenn and Joe Carnahan; Studio: Sonar Entertainment
A team is sent back in time from 2027 to 2014 to disrupt a series of events that will lead to a cataclysmic war in the future – but something goes wrong, trapping them in 2014 Manhattan. Cut off from their time and their families, the team must try to complete their unprecedented, high-stakes mission without any help from the future.

“Kali” – Producers: Steve McPherson (Wonder Monkey Entertainment), Gonzague Requillart (La Parisienne D’images), Harley Peyton (“Dracula,” Friends with Benefits); Writer: Harley Peyton
Awakened on a train with no memory of who she is or how she got there and then discovering that a chip has been implanted in her brain to transform her into a powerful human weapon, Kali must embark on a harrowing journey of survival and redemption. She will find herself at the center of two warring teams fighting to control her as she begins the battle to take back her life. Based on a French web series.

The Kyra Sedgwick-produced “Proof” stars Jennifer Beals as Dr. Kathryn Russo, a skeptical, hard-science, brilliant female surgeon with a caustic edge who has been struggling with the devastating loss of her teenage son and a growing estrangement from her surviving daughter. Dr. Russo is persuaded to investigate cases of reincarnation, out-of-body experiences, hauntings — all of it looking for verifiable proof to answer one of life’s greatest questions: Is death truly the end, or is there something else beyond?

“Proof” is written by Rob Bragin and directed by Alex Graves. Sedgwick (“The Closer”) exec produces with Jill Littman, Tom Jacobson, Bragin, and Graves.

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