The Maniac Returns in November?

Maniac Cop (click for a larger view)Don’t feel like paying $70+ for the rare first dip of Maniac Cop starring Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell? Don’t you worry one hair on your head. According to our Evilshop on Amazon.com, there is a Special Edition of Maniac Cop set for release on November 17th, 2006. Details are thin as no special features are listed; however, since this is being released by Synapse Films, I have no doubt it will indeed be “special” after seeing how much extra goodness they crammed onto the Street Trash DVD.

There is a maniac on the loose wearing a police uniform. His crimes don’t end with impersonating a law officer; oh no, he is slaying the innocent and City Hall can only cover it up. There’s plenty of frame jobs, murder, and B-movie fun to go around. If Synapse Films keeps up the good work, we may even see Night of the Creeps on DVD yet! It’s a long shot, but it never hurts to wish. Make sure to pre-order your copy of Maniac Cop today!

Kryten Syxx

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