Dern Tracks a Swamp Devil

Bruce Dern to star in Swamp Devil!When I saw a listing for a new movie called Swamp Devil I just naturally assumed it was going to be a horror flick about some sort of swampy Bigfoot, like the Florida Everglades’ Skunk Ape, the Honey Island Swamp Monster of Louisiana, or the Fouke Monster made famous in The Legend of Boggy Creek. Then I finally found a little blurb describing the actual plot and saw the phrase “tree-like creature” describing the featured creature. Now visions of the lumbering tree monster from the camp classic From Hell It Came spring to mind. Color me giddy.

In Swamp Devil, film veteran Bruce Dern plays a small town sheriff wrongly accused of a murder actually committed by an inhuman fiend. With the help of his estranged daughter, he sets out to clear his name by proving the existence of the tree-like creature really behind the murder. The tree creature is described as having branch-like arms and “mud blood” that oozes from its wounds.

Director David Winning is no stranger to flicks about plant-like monsters the secrete ooze having also helmed the recent Sci-Fi Channel original movie Something Beneath, in which Kevin “Hercules” Sorbo portrayed a priest battling an plant-like monster that infected victims with a mind-altering slime that causes them to kill themselves. Winning wrapped production for Canada’s Muse Entertainment on Swamp Devil just a few weeks back (in Canada, no surprise); RHI Entertainment will be handling the international entertainment. Don’t be surprised to see this one premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel sometime next year.

Winning also recently finished work on another future Sci-Fi Channel original entitled Black Swarm featuring Robert England as a beekeeper contending with military-bred super wasps gone amok. How many movies has Sci-Fi made about killer wasps so far? I think this is like the third or fourth I can think of.

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