The Mummy Gets Resurrected, The Creature Returns, and the Dead Raid as Part of the Still Night Monster Movies

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Still Night Monster MoviesI’m not saying Halcyon International’s Still Night Monster Movies have been slow to materialize but they’re just now getting around to the second, third, and fourth films in the series and I’m fairly certain I first reported on these way back in 2010.

Dracula Reborn was the film that launched Halcyon International’s attempt to recapture the old school magic of classic monsters movies with their “Still Night Monster Movies” label. Let’s just say it came and went with little fanfare. Not entirely the fault of the film seeing as how Halcyon doesn’t really do much to help promote their films.

I’m about to tell you about three new films they have coming out but I can’t tell you who wrote, directed, or stars in (with one exception) any of them because the company doesn’t bother with such matters on their website.

So the second film in the series is The Mummy Resurrected. It stars Lauren Bronleewe, Beverly Gaddis, Iyad Hajjaj, and Fouad Hajji. I only know that because this is the only one of the three films with an IMDB entry, and even the IMDB entry fails to list the writer or director.

The second film in the Still Night Monster Movie Series, The Mummy: Resurrected revolves around a team of archaeologists who discover an ancient mummy, unleashing a deadly curse from its eternal tomb.

The third installment in the series has taken an interesting twist. The Creature: Returns was originally conceived as a spin on The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Somewhere along the way this creature went from Gill-Man to Godzilla. Given the very low budget nature of these films, I’m curious to see how they pull it off. Even The Asylum (sadly) did not attempt a Godzilla mockbuster this year. Given the slow rate at which this company gets these films out, Godzilla 2 may very well be in theaters by the time we see it.

The third film in the Still Night Monster Series, The Creature: Returns is a gripping tale of mankind’s final stand against an alien creature over 10 times larger than a T-Rex…

Lastly, though not inspired by any particular classic creature like the other films in the series, Dead Raid appears to be the answer to the question as to what you get when you combine The Raid: Redemption (or Dredd, take your pick) with futuristic robots and… zombies? I think there are supposed to be zombies. The title has the word “dead” in it and the tagline and poster clearly promise the undead. I didn’t see any zombies, myself.

Martial law reigns over the city. On a routine check for terrorist activity in a high-rise apartment building, Hawkins, a capable police officer, and Argus, her heavily armored android partner, stumble on a transaction they assume is the illegal narcotic fleck. But then, strange things begin to happen to the building and its residents. First, everything with mechanical parts begins to malfunction. Then, one by one, the residents begin to…malfunction…too. With no ability to call for backup, and their defenses running low, Hawkins and Argus have to fight their way out. But when they’re called into headquarters to report back on their work, they learn a secret the police state can’t allow them to know.

Creature Returns / Dead Raid

The Mummy Resurrected

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