The Horror Highlights of WonderCon 2012

WonderCon 2012It's almost time for WonderCon 2012 to start packing fans into the Anaheim Convention Center, and we have the horror highlights of the three-day event that runs from March 16th-18th right here.

Along with the horror, we've included a few other panels that we thought would be of interest to our readers. For more info be sure to visit the official WonderCon website.

Friday, March 16th

12:30-1:30 IDW Presents: THE IDW Panel!— Chief creative officer Chris Ryall and sergeant of marketing Dirk Wood, give out prizes, make announcements, and evade questions! Featuring a host of creators, including Steve Niles, Ben McCool, Jason Ciaramella and more! All this, plus the Smoke & Mirrors boys, Mike Costa and Jon Armstrong, perform live magic! Yes, you read that right! Room 203

1:30-2:30 Monsters Anonymous— Comics and prose authors discuss the pros and cons of world-building with monsters and whether or not to make them known to that world's public. Panelists include WonderCon special guest Mike Mignola (Hellboy) with Amber Benson (How to Be Death) and Christopher Farnsworth (The President's Vampire) in discussion with Maryelizabeth Hart of Mysterious Galaxy. Room 207

2:30-3:30 Spotlight on Eric Powell— Special guest Eric Powell (The Goon) and his collaborator Tracy Marsh (Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters) discuss things they don't like over pastries and disillusionment. New projects might also be discussed. If this isn't the most fun panel at WonderCon, it will without doubt be the worst episode of Intervention ever. Room 211

3:00-4:00 It Was 30 Years Ago Today: Celebrating 1982 -- Greatest Geek Year Ever!— It's time to celebrate, it's time to light the lights, it's time to fete (not Boba, just fete) the greatest geek year ever; three decades later and we're all here to tell about it. Geek Monthly editor Jeff Bond is joined by screenwriter Ashley E. Miller (Thor, X-Men: First Class), director Robert Meyer Burnett (Free Enterprise, The Hills Run Red), writer Steve Melching (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Transformers: The Series), Daren Dochterman (ST: TMP Special Edition), and Bill Hunt (The Digital Bits) along with guests as they discuss the year that gave us Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Blade Runner, E.T., Tron, Poltergeist, Conan: The Barbarian, The Road Warrior, The Thing, Liquid Sky (Liquid Sky? Really?!?), Battletruck, The Sword and the Sorcerer, and many more. Plus a look forward at the summer of 2012, including The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, Dark Shadows, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Can it compare? You be the judge. On second thought, they'll be the judge. Room 204

4:00-5:30 Exclusive Warner Bros. Television Screenings: Person of Interest and The Secret Circle— For the third straight year, Warner Bros. Television kicks off WonderCon with exclusive preview screenings of upcoming original episodes of fan-favorite series. For 2012, WBTV will screen episodes of the first-year hit dramas Person of Interest and The Secret Circle. Ballroom, Third Level

4:30-5:30 Spotlight on Mike Mignola— Hellboy creator and WonderCon special guest Mike Mignola talks about his signature creation and the upcoming year in the Hellboy universe, when the big red horned guy visits...Hell! Room 207

5:30-6:30 Vertigo: New Blood— They come from the cutting edge of comics...and Vertigo has never been edgier, with thought-provoking titles from some of comics' most acclaimed creators. Senior editor Will Dennis, all-star writer and WonderCon special guest Scott Snyder (American Vampire), and others appear on this must-see panel featuring the latest news on all your favorite Vertigo titles, plus details about the new, upcoming wave of Vertigo titles! Room 207

6:00-7:30 The Write Stuff IV: Writing and Selling Genre Television & Beyond— Get an incredible insider look from the scribes behind some of today's hottest genre shows as they share their candid thoughts on how to make the series we love (and sometimes loathe). Find out the highly classified secrets of getting TV shows made and how to break in and break out in today's highly competitive broadcast environment, the deep dark secrets (and snacks) of the writer's room, and why network executives actually care about what you say on message boards. Panelists include Ashley E. Miller (Fringe, Transformers: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Jesse Alexander (Lost, Heroes), Steve Kriozere (NCIS, Femme Fatales), Steve Melching (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Transformers: The Series), Gabrielle Stanton (The Vampire Chronicles, Haven), Dave Simkins (Blade, Human Target), Jose Molina (Firefly, Terra Nova), Amy Berg (Eureka, Leverage), Charles Murray (V, Castle), and Mark A. Altman (Necessary Roughness, Femme Fatales). Room 213

6:30-7:30 TV Horror Hosts— John Stanley (Creature Features, 1971-1984), Mr. Lobo (Cinema Insomnia), Tom Wyrsch (writer/director), and Strephon Taylor (November Fire) will present a history of television horror hosting. Vampira, Zacherley, Ghoulardi, Svengoolie, Bob Wilkins, Elvira, and many more will be covered in a historical journey illuminating a genre of television that should never be forgotten. Introduced by John Stanley and Mr. Lobo. Video history by Tom Wyrsch and Strephon Taylor. Room 203

6:30-8:00 Detecting Deviants in the Dark Knight: Profiling Gotham City's Serial Killers— From the dark corners of Crime Alley to the bleak cell blocks of Blackgate Penitentiary, Gotham City has been plagued by murderous villains who stalk the night. Mr. Zsasz, Abbattoir, and even Commissioner Gordon's son, James Jr., have preyed on Gothamites for reasons that seemingly defy logic. How should Batman, the world's greatest detective, apprehend these and other notorious serial killers? With updated content, the forensic psychiatrists of Broadcast Thought, H. Eric Bender, M.D., Praveen R. Kambam, M.D., and Vasilis K. Pozios, M.D., team up with Mark E. Safarik, M.S., V.S.M., and FBI (retired) supervisory special agent, Behavioral Analysis Unit (Killer Instinct), to explore the dark world of Gotham City's serial killers. Are serial killers psychotic, psychopathic, or neither? Do Gotham City's serial killers have real-world counterparts? Are common traits shared among serial killers, and can "profiling" lead to their successful apprehension? Learn how real FBI agents profile and arrest serial murderers. With that knowledge, don the mantle of the Bat, profile the Dark Knight's deadliest villains, and plan their capture. Bring your questions and your curiosity, and discover once again that real life is, in fact, stranger than fiction! Room 207

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