See Elvis Versus a Futuristic Cyborg in Pierre Ayotte's Massacrator

There's not much we can say that will prepare you for the short film attached to this article. Director Pierre Ayotte brings us Massacrator, something of a Terminator parody that simply must be seen to be believed. We'll let the film speak for itself.

Shot over the course of a weekend with leftover Super-8 film, Massacrator features a futuristic cyborg, his iron-pumping female target and a resurrected Elvis. No, I'm not kidding. Basically free of dialogue, but set to a catchy soundtrack, we guarantee after watching Massacrator you will not say, "Oh, this is just like (insert film title here)." This is not like anything.

If you like what you see, speak up in the comments section. We've got a couple other shorts by Ayotte we can share with you if you dig Massacrator. The film stars JP Flayeux, Daniella Jovanovic and Matt Monastesse. It even has its own website at Massacrator.com. Check it out, and if you want more, say so.

About Massacrator
This razor-sharp thriller is old school: cheap film, no computer FX, most characters end up dead. Action fans will appreciate the gritty fight scenes and high speed motorcycle chase in an apartment. Elvis fans will dig the skinny guy in a padded Elvis suit. Girl fans will love the girl that gets decapitated. Director Pierre Ayotte supplies everything you need for a memorable B-movie experience, including a catchy surf-rock soundtrack by the great Pierre Ayotte.

See Elvis Versus a Futuristic Cyborg in Pierre Ayotte's Massacrator

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Vanvance1's picture

This short is better than the last Terminator film and the ending is satisfying. It's probably better to watch it with the sound off as the 'surf rock' guitar loop becomes epically irritating in under 30 seconds.

Submitted by Vanvance1 on Mon, 03/05/2012 - 10:33pm.

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