Poveglia – The Most Haunted Place in the World FOR SALE!

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Poveglia - The Most Haunted Place in the World FOR SALE! So let’s say you’re looking to invest in some prime real estate, but you’re hesitant to drop your hard earned greenbacks on a place that you’re not going to see a good return on. Well, how about a place that you can visit and possibly not return from?

What is quite possibly the most haunted place on Earth, Poveglia Island, is for sale; and you can buy it… plague pit and all.

After a pair of ships carrying plague victims arrived in 1793, the island was sealed off and turned into a quarantine zone for people with infectious diseases, a role it served for over a century. It goes without saying that many of those people died on the island during that time, leading to the widespread belief that Poveglia is haunted. It didn’t help when the place was converted into a hospital for the mentally ill in 1922. Rumor has it that the hospital was home to a number of crude lobotomies, performed by a doctor who’d been driven mad by the ghosts. He later flung himself off the bell tower.

Poveglia, currently owned by the Italian government, has been abandoned for the past 50 years. Said government is now offering a 99-year lease to anyone brave enough to take it over. No price information is available yet. Stay tuned!






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