Sony is Biohazardous

Evil will return!I was sort of put off by the Resident Evil movies. Sure, I wasn’t a big fan of the games but I knew the story lines and characters well enough to expect the same sort of thing to be carried over when the first feature was announced. And we all know what Paul W.S. Anderson can do to a beloved series when he makes a movie…

So, we all prayed that someday someone may get it right and follow the game’s storyline a little closer. Today, we just may have that prayer answered; Daily Variety has confirmed that Sony Pictures Entertainment isn’t done with Capcom’s Biohazard series (known as Resident Evil in the states) yet … at least not in Japan.

Sony is looking to release a cartoon based on both the games and films sometime during the second half of next year. It isn’t clear if any of the toons will feature Alice, but we do know that they will be in 3D CGI form.


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