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DVD Release: Old is New Again



Your Halloween horror DVD offerings for Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 shall include…

Click to see it bigger!The Abortion (2007)
Directed by Biray Dalkrian

And the prize for most fucked-up way to start off a DVD list goes to … The Abortion! Sorry, it’s just a bit of a strange way to kick things off. The story follows a young woman who decides to have an abortion even though she’s already three months along. Months later she finds herself haunted by the spirit of the unborn child, who will stop and nothing for her motherly affections, to the point that the former mother finally cracks and ends up institutionalized, where the ghost can lay into her even more! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!The Amicus Collection
Directed by Various

Dark Sky decided there was no better way to ring in yet another Halloween than with a release of the three badass Amicus movies they have their hands on in a cool box set, with a very creepy Peter Cushing pic on the front. Inside you will find And Now the Screaming Starts (review), The Beast Must Die (review) and Asylum (review), all just as they were the first time they were released. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Angel: The Complete Collection
Directed by Various

Finally, a box set with all five seasons of the great “Buffy” spinoff “Angel” which, if you ask me, sure ended a hell of a lot stronger than the show it was spun off from. I never actually got to see the final few episodes of the fifth season, but from what I heard it was pretty damn amazing. Now I can sit down with the whole show from front to back, and so can you! Just bring the beer. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Basket Case 2
Directed by Frank Henenlotter

Man, who ever thought in their wildest dreams that we’d be seeing a special edition of Basket Case 2, of all movies? Not director Frank Henelotter, I’m sure, but then he’s done so much I doubt very little surprises him. Synapse has compiled a nice, cleaned up version of Henelotter’s follow-up to his cult classic, transferred to high def from a pristine 35mm print of the film. For fans of all things strange and unusual, this is the perfect Halloween offering! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Black Night (2005)
Directed by Oliver Smolders

This bizarre Belgian offering from famed short filmmaker Oliver Smolders is described as more dream than movie. The story loosely follows a man, Oscar, as he tries to come to grips with his past and a possibly dead sister in a land that is in perpetual night, aside from brief 15-second bursts when the world is flooded with sunlight. It sounds very strange and very trippy, so don’t go in expecting a linear narrative from this one, but rather something you’d find at an arthouse late at night. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!A Blade in the Dark (1983)
Directed by Lamberto Bava

Man, I do love that cover. A lot. It’s just such a great composition of violence and beauty, so telling of the entire giallo subgenre. Leave it to Blue Underground to get it out there. The story is of a man hired to write the score for a new horror film so he rents an isolated villa to concentrate. Several beautiful young women are killed under his roof, and pretty soon the composer finds himself in a horror movie of his own. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Blood Shed (2007)
Directed by Alan Rowe Kelly

The long-awaited follow-up to Kelly’s debut film, I’ll Bury You Tomorrow, couldn’t be more different in terms of tone and style. While Bury was a dark and thoughtful piece with some moments of comedy, Blood Shed is over the top from the word “go” and never lets up. If that’s what you’re into, get out there and check it out. But be warned; it’s about 180 degrees from subtle. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Captivity (2007)
Directed by Roland Joffe

Now this truly was a nightmare, though not in the cool sense. The film was made a few years back, then After Dark got its hands on it and decided it needed more torture. What doesn’t these days? So they shot a lot of torture stuff to make it seem more “hip”, got in trouble by the MPAA, and still managed to put out a flop. Such is the way it goes, I guess. But it’s got Elisha Cuthbert! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!The Church (1989)
Directed by Michele Soavi

Before he went on to set horror fan’s hearts ablaze with Cemetery Man, Michele Soavi cut his teeth working hand-in-hand with Dario Argento and, in the case of The Church, his daughter Asia in one of her first roles. Originally set to be a Demons sequel, Soavi gave it just enough of his own flavor to make this one of the great unsung horror movies of the late 80’s. BU re-releases it to the masses with an all-new transfer! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Dark Shadows: The Beginning Collection 2
Directed by Various

Before the show was about vampires, did anyone really care? No, not really, which is why they eventually made it about vampires. This collection has some ghosts in it of course because it is a Gothic soap opera, and there’s also some stuff about a murder case and such mysteries like that. So yeah, it’s really for hardcore collectors only. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Day Watch (2006)
Directed by Timur Bekmambetov

Okay, just a word of warning to you; don’t bother trying to watch this if you’ve not seen Night Watch. And don’t see Night Watch unless you watch the one with good subtitles that was released here in the States. Anything other option will just confuse the hell out of you; trust me, I know. This story is about Anton struggling to fight the Darkness while saving his son from their clutches. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Frankenstein (1973)
Directed by Dan Curtis

Dan Curtis made a damn fine life for himself with vampires, werewolves and monsters, making them just right for TV audiences around the country back in the 70’s. Hey, it may not be what some call a dream job, but someone had to do it. This is, of course, a retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic novel of the desires of man gone too far, and what the true meaning of life is. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Hell of the Living Dead (1984)
Directed by Bruno Mattei

Wow, look at that cover. That one really takes me back to being a young horror fan wandering the aisles of my local mom-n-pop video store. Where did all those go, anyway? Sigh. Anyhow, this film is about a chemical leak that turns the residents of an underprivileged village into shambling corpses hungry for flesh. A TV reporter comes across the place and tries to bring it all to an end. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!House of the Invisibles (2007)
Directed by Elfa Lee

In a house readying itself for demolition, the last remaining tenants are holding on to their homes as long as they can. One of them, however, breaks on unspoken vow and angers the spirit of a former tenant, now many years dead, so they’re forced to deal with the spirit’s wrath as well as losing their homes. That always sucks. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!The Initiation of Sarah (2007)
Directed by Stuart Gillard

Summer Glau needs a better agent. The star of “Firefly” and Serenity is a freakin’ trained ballerina who can kick ass on command; what the hell is she doing in this tripe? And even though it sounds like it should be lesbian porn, the presence of Morgan Fairchild tells me likely it isn’t. And thank God for that. Learn more abut it by reading Foywonder’s Initiation of Sarah review, cause I don’t feel like looking up what it’s actually about. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Insane in the Brain (2007)
Directed by Chad Hendricks

What the hell is this? That’s the first thing I said when I saw the DVD cover for Insane in the Brain. Pimps vs. zombies? Who could possibly lose in a funkilicious battle like that? Perhaps the viewer? The story is about the living dead coming to hunt the brains of the plain old living after some pheromones awaken them from their dirt naps. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Manhattan Baby (1984)
Directed by Lucio Fulci

Of all the stuff Blue Underground is re-releasing this week, this is the one I get the least. It’s a very strange entry in the Fulci canon, a story about a young girl bringing back a mysterious charm from Egypt to her home in Manhattan and the plague of supernatural evil that it causes. It’s also one of those movies Fulci fans scratch their heads over, so I’m not sure it deserves yet another release. Ah, well, completists will be happy! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!The Psychic (1979)
Directed by Lucio Fulci

You know, when I started out the list this week I thought it was kinda cool that BU was re-releasing so many old Anchor Bay titles to the masses again. Now, though, I feel like fans were kinda cheated out of some good new horror releases so close to Halloween. This, however, is one last good one before Fulci got strange in his later years, though not strange in a good way, and at least it’s the fully uncut European version, presented here for the first time ever! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Rats: Night of Terror (1983)
Directed by Bruno Mattei

All right, this is another one I wonder whether or not really deserves a re-release. Though admittedly I’ve not seen it in ages, I don’t remember anything too good about Rats: Night of Terror other than, well, the fact that it’s about killer rats. Can never have enough of those movies, damnit. And it’s post-apocalyptic, which is always a good thing, especially when it’s from the 80’s! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Stagefright (1989)
Directed by Michele Soavi

Probably the best serial killer dressed as an owl man movie ever made, if you ask me. Another early film from Cemetery Man director Michele Soavi, Blue Underground has got this one back on DVD for fans to see just how the man started out his career and you know what? It’s pretty damned good! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Study Hell (2005)
Directed by Mark McNabb

Of course, if this is the kind of original horror we’re missing out on, I’ll take re-releases any day of the week. I don’t honestly know if this is a bad movie or not, but to judge a book by its cover; it’s just not good. The story is about a teacher who can’t take it anymore and finally cracks, taking out his insane murderous rage on the students he is sworn to educate. Will they be able to stop him before it’s too late? Will you care? Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Twin Peaks: The Definitve Gold Box Edition
Directed by Various

David Lynch and Mark Frost’s amazingly short-lives series set in the titular town, which during the first and part of the second season revolved around the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer. Unfortunately audiences didn’t stick with the show after they told you, but at least fans finally have the whole story in one box set, finally. And it’s gold! Buy it here!

Johnny Butane

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Exclusive: Rocky Gray Talks Halloween Horror Anthology 10/31



The last time we gave you guys word on the upcoming Halloween horror anthology 10/31 was to bring you the knock-out exclusive official poster, which you can peep to your left (click for a higher-res version).

The new horror anthology in the vein of V/H/S and Creepshow joins an ensemble cast together to spin twisted tales of the macabre. The film is executive produced by P.J. Starks, creator of the critically acclaimed Volumes of Blood.

The film’s stories are directed by the likes of Justin M. Seaman (The Barn), Zane Hershberger (Devilution), John William Holt (The Dooms Chapel Horror), Brett DeJager (Bonejangles) and Rocky Gray making his directing debut.

This past weekend we were able to catch up with producer-director Rocky Gray and ask him a few choice questions about the anticipated upcoming anthology film.

You can check out our quick interview below and then make sure to hit us up and let us know how excited you are to check out 10/31 in the comments below!

Dread Central: How is the film coming along?

Rocky Gray: The film is now completed and we are getting the perks out to our Indiegogo backers. The backers and Death By Festival got to see the first cut of the film in October and they loved it so we’re very excited to get the film out to everyone else very soon.

DC: What can expect from this anthology?

RG: Expect to have a lot of Halloween themed fun. Each segment has its own flavor so the pacing and the look change throughout the film. With masked killers, vampires, scarecrows, tricksters and old hags there’s something for everyone.

DC: Will there be a sequel?

RG: If there was a demand for it we would make it happen!

Sounds good to us. Thanks for chatting with us, Rocky!

You can become a fan of the film on Facebook HERE.

A Halloween treat bag of all the things that go bump in the night. From masked killers to scarecrows, witches, and tricksters. There’s a scare for everyone in this anthology of horror and the macabre from the creators of The Barn and Volumes of Blood.

Red Letter Entertainment, Inc. brings you the directorial debut from Rocky Gray (composer of The Barn, Killing Floor 2), two-time Grammy-winning musician and former drummer for Evanescence. A new horror anthology in the vein of V/H/S/ and Creepshow brings an ensemble cast together to spin twisted tales of the macabre. The film is Executive Produced by P.J. Starks, creator of the critically acclaimed Volumes of Blood.

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The Duffer Brothers Have Begun Working on Stranger Things 3



I wasn’t the world’s biggest fan of the first season of Netflix and The Duffer Brothers’ “Stranger Things” to tell you the truth. That said, I absolutely loved the second season (read our reviews HERE).

It is with this in mind that we are all looking forward to “Stranger Things 3”.

Recently Deadline reported that at Vulture Festival LA the Duffer Brothers, producer Shawn Levy, Finn Wolfhard, Paul Reiser, and Linnea Berthelsen talked about season two and teased season three.

“We are [in] very early days on season three, and we’re still figuring it out,” Ross Duffer said, before taking a beat, then adding: “I probably wasn’t supposed to say that. That’s not official; that wasn’t an official announcement — we’re just working on it, just for our own amusement… for fun!”


We all know at this point that there is going to be a “Stranger Things 3” and that The Duffer Brothers will one day begin working on it. Don’t worry so much, Ross Duffer.

After all, your brother already let us know that season three will begin after a time jump:

“Even if we wanted to hop into the action faster, we couldn’t,” says Matt Duffer. “Our kids are aging. We can only write and produce the show so fast. They’re going to be almost a year older by the time we start shooting season three. It provides certain challenges. You can’t start right after season two ended. It forces you to do a time jump. It’s a long way of saying that yeah, we’re going to do a time jump.”

What did you think of “Stranger Things 2”? Did you dig it more (or less) than season one? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on social media!

“Stranger Things 2” is currently streaming on Netflix.

It’s 1984, and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana, are still reeling from the horrors of the Demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab. Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down, but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived.

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James Cameron’s Terminator Reboot/Sequel Hires Screenwriter



The last word we brought you guys on producer James Cameron and Deadpool-director Tim Miller’s new Terminator film was when we let you know that Paramount had set the film’s release date for July 26, 2019.

Today we have news via The Wrap that the studio is bringing in screenwriter Billy Ray (Captain Phillips) to pen the movie’s script based on a story crafted by Cameron.

You may remember that Cameron and Miller created a writers room a while back to plan out an all-new trilogy of films, but while that writer’s room included David Goyer, Charles Eglee, and Josh Friedman, it seems like Ray will be the first film’s sole writer. For now.

Story details are, of course, being kept under wraps, but Cameron and Miller are treating the new movie as a direct sequel to Cameron’s T2: Judgment Day.

“This is a continuation of the story from ‘Terminator 1’ and ‘Terminator 2.’ And we’re pretending the other films were a bad dream,” Cameron told THR. “Or an alternate timeline, which is permissible in our multi-verse.”

We also know that Cameron plans to center the new film/trilogy around a new group of younger characters, who will eventually carry on the baton as it were.

“A lot of this is handing off the baton to a new generation of characters,” Cameron said. “We’re starting a search for an 18-something young woman to essentially be the new centerpiece of these stories. And then a number of other characters around her and characters from the future. We still fold time in the story in intriguing ways. But we have Arnold’s character and Linda’s character to anchor it.”

How excited are you for James Cameron’s new Terminator flick? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on social mdeia!

The new Terminator film is produced by James Cameron and will be directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool). The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

Terminator 2.5 is expected to hit July 26, 2019.

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