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Captain America Shatters the OculusMagic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Actually, it was Captain America, followed closely by talking animated birds. The new haunted mirror movie Oculus still managed to score a fair share in its third place opening weekend.

Opinions have been contentious regarding Mike Flanagan’s Oculus, but audiences showed up this weekend for the first wide release horror film in about three months.

The Blumhouse Productions/WWE Studios co-production got off to a modest start with a $12 million opening. According to Box Office Mojo, that’s about on par with the last haunted mirror flick to hit theaters, Mirrors, which opened to a tad more than $11 million.

Divergent’s fifth place weekend granted another $3.4 million, bringing it to over $125 million domestically. The formula should now be obvious to Hollywood producers looking to adapt female-centric genre novels to films: dystopian future romances, yay; supernatural romance, nay. Twilight time has passed and we are now basking in the dawn of Hunger Games-inspired tweenertainment.

The next big screen installment in the Divergent franchise is already set to roll and it was announced this past week that the final book in the series will be, for absolutely no justifiable reason other than to maximize profits, divided into two films. In retrospect, it’s rather amazing that Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy didn’t end up as six films.

Next week, A Haunted House 2 tries to justify its existence while Johnny Depp threatens our existence by turning into the Lawnmower Man in Transcendence and Disneynature’s Bears celebrates Earth Day by showcasing the “giant, marauding, godless killing machines” that haunt Stephen Colbert’s nightmares.

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  • addeisdead

    I’m glad to see positive comments in regards to Winter Soldier. I loved the first movie, but I’ve seen some reviews referring to the sequel as a “big dumb action flick.” I was starting to worry it would be another Wolverine.


    While definately not HORROR , it was an awesome flick thoroughly enjoyed every fast paced minute of it!Hell i saw Rio 2 this weekend too with my little girl enjoyed that as well was funny guess i’m not as hard core as I thought I was!

  • frank_dracman

    I thought I was going to suffer from Marvel burnout, but went to Winter Solider anyway (Oculus is sadly nowhere around here). Low and behold, it was a pretty good movie. 90% of the action is in the clear view of day, good practical stunts and fights, there’s just enough comic booky nonsense without getting too silly, the Flacon was surprisingly badass and holy shit, when was the last time I saw Robert Redford in a movie?

    I don’t think it was as spectacular as some would have you believe, but still a really good time. If they keep this formula up, I’ll go see any future Captain ‘Merica movies.