Taurus Plans Knightriders Sequel

Knightriders sequel? Sure, why not!Ah, so that’s what Taurus Entertainment’s been doing for the last few months. Prepping a sequel to Knightriders.

It’s one of the few George Romero movies I’ve not seen, but since I’ve heard both good and bad, I’m all right with the morons behind Creepshow 3 and Day of the Dead: Contagium sequelizing it. Keeps ‘em away from Romero’s more beloved properties as far as I’m concerned.

Moviehole got the word that the film is coming with both Taurus and Bandit Cinema behind it, working from a budget around $1-$3 million. So I guess that means Ed Harris won’t be back.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • elric300


  • elric300

    KNIGHTRIDERS is a great film. Really, it is.

    And Jim Duddleson, who’s responsible for this, and those things they call CREEPSHOW II and DAY OF THE DEAD: CONTAGIUM, if you’re reading this,and I doubt that you are/would/could, allow me to ever so politely say:

    Fuck Yo Sista!

    Fuck Yo Grandma!

    And most of all….FUCK YOU!!!

  • Bone Daddy

    I loved this film. One of Romero’s best non-zombie-movies.


    Just fucking arg.

  • Chainsaw

    Man, seriously, fuck those guys.