AMC Builds 99 Stories

AMC orders 99 Stories series!Looking to capitalize on its increasingly popular annual Monsterfest, AMC has announced the creation of a new series that they will be airing next year called “99 Stories”, which is being penned by original Omen writer David Seltzer according to today’s Hollywood Reporter.

The series will follow a group of random strangers stuck in a brand-new, state-of-the art 99-story skyscraper. The building is sentient, deciding whom it deems worth of traveling up to the next floor, the only way they have to get out. The building controls everything, and ultimately the choices the people make inside have serious repercussions to the outside world.

I have to admit, it sounds pretty fucking cool! Expect to see a show with some serious edge to it and hopefully some very creative deaths at the hands of the skyscraper. Not that a skyscraper has hands, but … well, you get me. We’ll keep an eye out for more info as the show gets under way!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane