No More Remakes For Aja

Alex Aja on the set of The Hills Have Eyes.Remakes, remakes, remakes … they never end it seems. Have ideas run so dry in the movie business that anything and everything is worthy fodder for the retooling machine? Good thing we horror fans have Alex Aja on our side.

Bloody Disgusting spoke to Alexander Aja today and pried some information out of him regarding two films many of us thought were just rehashes: Piranha and Mirrors.

The P2 (review) producer wanted to make it absolutely clear that these two new projects aren’t just rehashes of previous genre flicks, “Mirrors is really a new story based on the original. Piranha is not a remake at all either – we were asked by Weinstein Company to think about a new Piranha movie, not a remake to the original.

It is not like we needed to worry about the quality of Aja’s films regardless of if they were remakes. Hills stood on its own just fine. In any case it is good to see more aquatic creature features are on the horizon.


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