Zak Bagans Talks Ghost Adventures - Part 1: What to Expect from Season 6

"Getting back to that Spirit Box I was telling you about. I was really skeptical about it, and then we started really analyzing it further. When we start using the Spirit Box now, some of the things that we’re capturing is just amazing. Recently we have an episode coming up in Denver where we invited a friend of mine, Brendan Schaub from the UFC to come along. He lives in Denver, and we wanted him to witness what we do and help us out with the investigation. It was pretty crazy because when we did the interviews, this lady was telling us about a legend that in the Seventies a woman was raped and murdered by a construction crew and then buried under the dirt. We’ll present it as a legend, but 'Ghost Adventures' is not saying that this historical event occurred because there’s not enough evidence to support it. We actually called the police department looking for files on this case before we deduced that some tour company was just trying to make a building haunted by making up friggin' stories. I hate that. So we tried finding evidence to support whether or not this legend happened and there was no evidence to support it. That doesn't mean that it didn’t happen though. So we went down there with the Spirit Box and had Brendan there; we turned it on, but nothing was coming through. Sometimes we’ll just let it sit there ten or fifteen minutes hearing nothing but white noise. But then we’ll ask a question and we’ll get a response. And that’s what made me a believer."

"So we go down in there and start asking some questions, and we get this guy who identifies himself as Pete coming through. So I ask 'Pete, can you tell me what happened to a girl down here?' Let's just say that the answers this disembodied voice gave us were beyond eerie. The communication just kept going and going and going, and Brendan got scared. I ask, 'Can you tell me the name of the guy who just got scared?' and Class A I hear a voice say 'Brendan!' It was the most amazing and one of the most compelling sessions ever. We contacted the police department and they watched our video. They were baffled beyond belief, too. They opened up a cold case investigation because of it, and now they might be digging up a body using some body locating device. It’s pretty crazy."

Zak Bagans Talks Ghost Adventures Part 1: What to Expect from Season 6

When asked if there were any stand-out locations from the upcoming season, without hesitation Zak answered, "The Shanghai Tunnels. It was huge underneath there. There's like these catacombs, and there are these layers and layers and layers. Everyone investigates the paranormal in a different way. You know you got the guys from TAPS, etc., everybody is different. One thing that 'Ghost Adventures' never does is we don’t bash on people. We don’t bash on other TV shows, other shit. They may do that but we don’t care. We respect everybody and how they do things. But you gotta remember that because everyone is so different, everybody is going to get different interactions with spirits."

"The Shanghai Tunnels was really interesting because it was all about human trafficking. Down in there back in the 1800’s they would have these wooden doors underneath bars and saloons. Then these workers, these laborers that would travel through Portland to get up to Alaska to the gold rush, they would stop in there, Then they would get drunk and then drugged by these hot chicks. They would be lured over to a corner of the bar and then they would just fall into a trap door and be hauled away on these ships to be slaves. Prostitution was rampant down there, too, so before we went under, we contacted the sex crimes unit in Portland because Portland is still the number one worst problem area for human trafficking in the United States. It’s like that energy from the Shanghai Tunnels has now resurrected out of the ground and is now hosting the living to carry out the human trafficking where it was pretty much born. We rode around with the human trafficking task force in police cars just to get a taste of the energy. The modern day pimps, they are the past Shanghai-ers, there is no difference. We were even present during some arrests. Again, it was just for us to get a taste of that energy. We like feeling the energy ... the hostility, what that aggression was like. That negative energy has not been destroyed. It’s still hosting people to this day. We always say investigating the paranormal for us is like time traveling. So we like to feel that before we go back in time and try to communicate with those spirits. It’s like getting in the DeLorean with Doc and Marty and going back to 1888. Some people, they can go to a historic town, they can walk around, they can buy a little snow globe and postcard and get their wooden gun because they want to feel it. That’s the closest that they can get to feeling the history. That, and watching movies of the Wild West. But the 'Ghost Adventures' crew, we go there and we communicate with the people; when we do our lock-down, IF we can communicate with the spirits, we get put in this bubble. And when we start communicating with them and we feel their energy, this, like, bubble kind of goes around us and it’s like time just stops. You can feel them, you can taste things, you can communicate with them, and it’s very much like traveling back in time. And there’s no other rush like that, ever. It’s just awesome."

"Another one that we’re going to be doing is ... this is a first for us ... Gary Galka is the inventor of the Mel-Meter and some other devices that we use. Including the SB7 Spirit Box. He created the Mel-Meter and he named it after his daughter, Melissa. Melissa recently died in a car accident just a few minutes from his house. Gary is a very, very talented electrical engineer and he’s helped companies, massive companies, in that aspect in order to do things better. After his daughter died, he, his family, and his son-in-law have all seen Melissa and felt her at the house. This caused him to develop equipment for the paranormal. With his devices he’s captured voices of her. His family, even people that aren’t related to him, have seen her at the house. It’s quite amazing. Next week we are filming at his house. Melissa’s birthday is on February 14th, on Valentine's Day. Every Valentine's Day they have a birthday celebration for her with just family because that is when they communicate with her. I have heard some of the EVPs, and they’re amazing. It took me about three months to try and convince Gary to let us go there and investigate. He’s had to have a lot of meetings with his wife and his family about doing this as an episode, and they finally agreed a couple weeks ago. So we’re going to go there and be welcomed into his house and try and do an investigation and eyewitness this communication with his daughter. So it’s going to be probably the most emotional investigation that we have ever done. We’re covering a lot of emotional investigations, and we’re gaining the attention of police forces. The communication aspect of the spirit is getting absolutely amazing. We’re investigating some towns that are trippin' us out more than the ghosts like Tempe, Arizona. So there’s a lot of cool stuff coming on Season 6."

Look for Part 2 of our interview in the coming days. In it we'll be discussing the most infamous and frightening place the "Ghost Adventures" crew have ever covered: Bobby Mackey's. Then in Part 3 Zak will be talking about upcoming projects and, YES, answering some fan questions we got from Twitter. Stay tuned.

For more info be sure to visit "Ghost Adventures" on Travel Channel. "Ghost Adventures" Season 6 premieres on March 9th, 2012.

Zak Bagans Talks Ghost Adventures Part 1: What to Expect from Season 6

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Some really good stuff here. It's obvious how doing these investigations has changed Zak, and it's not often someone shares such personal information with the public. Really looking forward to the rest of the interview and the return of the series.

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