UPDATE: Vindication Two Years in the Making – Phantasm 5 a Reality

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Vindication Two Years in the Making - Phantasm 5 a RealityTwo years. That’s how long it’s been since we broke the news that a fifth film in the Phantasm film series was coming. When we announced the news, everyone, including ALL of other horror sites, called bullshit and ridiculed us to no end. Well, guess what…

We were spot on. Today AICN posted the teaser poster for Phantasm V: Ravager, and they go on to say the film “may be ready for you to see sooner than you think.

Vindication is especially sweet when it finally comes. Plot details are being kept under wraps for the time being, but now that everyone has apparently deemed it okay to talk about, you can expect more to arrive shortly.

Dig on the poster below, and look for more…. sooner than you think?

The Phantasm Archives has dug up some new details on Phantasm V: Ravager which has already been filmed!

  • This project has been filming little by little since 2008.
  • The original working title for several years was “Reggie’s Tales.”
  • The original cast members put in appearances along with some Don Coscarelli regulars.
  • It was partly filmed in Crestline, CA at Reggie Bannister’s own home!
  • Many of the familiar series elements are back… the ‘Cuda and the sphere especially. Oh, yes… there will be blood!
  • The Lady in Lavender will be making a return appearance.
  • Don Coscarelli did NOT direct the film. Phantasm V: Ravager was written and directed by David Hartman under the supervision of Coscarelli.

    Phantasm 5

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  • Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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    • will graham

      I hope this brings closure to the franchise, no not explain everything that’s going on, just give it an ending.

      Can’t wait!

    • kiddcapone

      There’s officially a new #1 on my list of films I can’t wait to see. I still find it hard to believe, it all sounds so….bizarre, but since it’s Phantasm, bizarre is perfect.

    • theGoldenSimatar

      Wow when I first saw this popping up on my Facebook feed I shrugged it off, one of those “it’ll never happen” kind of films and thought it was going to wind up being another lost hope.

      That is a pretty sweetly bad-ass poster. REALLY want to hear the plot and shit just see some damn footage.

    • LifeMi

      YES!!! This is one of those days you look up to the sky and go, “Thanks God; you’re awesome.”

    • Rottenjesus

      My balls are polished and loaded for action BOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    • Sirand

      YAHOOO!!!! Finally!