Exclusive: Kurtzman Talks To Live and Die!

Robert Kurtzman (on the right) talks To Live and Die!Just the other day we got word from director Robert Kurtzman (interview), with word that his latest film, To Live and Die has finally wrapped and things couldn’t be better.

“I’m very excited about my first non- fantasy or horror film. It’s been a real exhilarating experience,” he told us, “To Live and Die is my best film to date.” Though he did have a nice, leisurly 24 days, compared to Buried Alive when he had 20, in which to make the film happen. Could you work six days a week for four weeks?

For those who don’t recall, To Live and Die stars Sean Patrick Flannery as a cop with a painful past who is enlisted by the FBI to track down a serial killer, the same one who murdered his wife years before.

To say things went well on the shoot is an understatement and most of that Kurtzman attributes to his crew; “Most of my crew on To Live and Die worked with me on Buried and the other Dark Lot films Wanted Undead or Alive and Living Hell, so I had a second hand with them,” he explained, “My next two films will be with the same crew, which is great because I love working with them all especially Producer David Greathouse, who’s a great creative collaborator.

“I love working with people like Dave who can go at it creatively, and not hold a grudge if you disagree. He’s a straight shooter and in Hollywood that’s one of the hardest people to find. He respects the entire crew and makes it feel like one big family who are working together to make the best film they can … ultimately it’s about collaboration.”

Keep it here for more on To Live and Die and those “next two” films Kurtzman drops a hint about very soon. His latest directorial effort, Buried Alive, came out on DVD this week, click here to nab it through Evilshop!

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