New Long Weekend Cast

Caviezel stars in the new Long WeekendThough we still have not heard anything official about how good or bad Jamie Blanks’ latest horror offering, Storm Warning is (Kasch missed it at Screamfest), I can’t help but look forward to the Aussies take on the nature strikes back thriller Long Weekend.

STYD got the word during Screamfest from Blanks about casting for the film, which involves a couple on a long weekend (natch) to try and rekindle their romance, disregarding nature at every turn only for nature to finally get it’s revenge. Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) and Claudia Karvan (Daybreakers) will portray said couple in the redux, which gets rolling in Southern Austalia in the next few months.

He goes on to promise there will be no CG at all and that the relationship will be fleshed out a bit more from the original, though essentially he wants to make the same movie just with his visual and directorial style. He also revealed that he’s in talks to produce a remake of Patrick which, like Long Weekend, was written by Everett de Roche. Get the full story at Shock and stay here for more details!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane