Live Arcade is Doomed

The original Doom is live!Xbox owners have a lot to be happy about as Microsoft launched their X06 game conference with a ton of exciting announcements. Amongst those came the news that the original Doom would be coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Like, right now.

360 owners will find Doom on the Marketplace for 800 MS points ($10 real money I believe) already. The game is the original PC game playable now on a pad. It doesn’t run in widescreen, but they’ve certainly not skimped on the features. Along with 4-player split screen, the game is playable on Live with 4 people too, and yes, that includes co-op.

Doom is a bona fide classic and one of the first scary games I ever played, so I’ll certainly be checking it out and reporting back first-hand when I get the chance, but for anyone without a 360, or for something to do while it’s downloading, you’ll find a couple of screenshots linked over on XBoxyde.


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Jon Condit