Next On Dread Central Live – Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc

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Next On Dread Central Live - Michael Biehn and Jennifer BlancIt’s amazing how quickly the weeks are flying by. Hard to believe that we’re up to the fifth episode of Dread Central Live already, but here we are! Next on tap for you guys… genre legend Michael Biehn and his producing partner, Jennifer Blanc!

Horror’s power duo will be talking about their past, present, and future projects including She Rises and Hidden in the Woods. We are taking YOUR QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS STARTING NOW!!

Tweet us at @DreadCentral with your questions and comments using the hashtag #DreadLive, and we’ll be answering everything that we can get to in REAL TIME. You can also leave your questions and comments on the official Dread Central Facebook page or join us in the chatroom on Daily Motion while the show is LIVE.

Dread Central Live with Michael Biehn

Dread Central Live is a live, half-hour news/information/talk show dedicated to covering all aspects of the horror genre. Hosts Staci Layne Wilson and “Gore Whore” Vanessa Gomez will guide viewers on a weekly journey of keeping current in horror via news updates, interviews with genre and mainstream stars and filmmakers, exclusive clips, trailer premieres, as well as exclusive coverage from set visits for horror feature films and TV shows in production. During the interview portions of the show, fans can submit questions via Twitter and Facebook, many of which will be asked on-air by Staci and Vanessa in real time. DC Editor-in-Chief Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton will also make regular appearances, giving his unique “bat’s eye view” perspective on the genre that has fueled a lifelong obsession with the macabre!

That’s it! See you live and direct every Monday! For more information check out Dread Central Live on Daily Motion!

Dread Central Live

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Steve Barton

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  • Cinemascribe

    Wow..I gotta tell you, I’m just not that impressed here. I’ve managed to stay tuned to the end of the DC Live episodes up until now, but I left this one early on.

    I find the live chat to be a miserable experience that I have no intention of ever repeating. Half of the time I wasn’t even sure if anyone else could even see my posts. I had no idea as to whether or not the questions I posted for the guests even showed up.

    And hey, if the Gore Whore cant get the name of one of the most successful and beloved movies in sci fi horror history right at this stage, then maybe she shouldn’t be hosting. That ” I’m not an expert, I’m an enthusiast” comment was unbelievably weak. Do some brush up research before you’re live in studio.

    I really, really wanted to like this program when you initally announced it and I have been tuning in to watch, so I can honestly say I gave it a fair shake. But so far the experience has left me cold. Nothing I’ve seen compels me to come back for more.

    On a side note: That new flick with Biehn and Angus MacFadden looks awful. God, I saw shorts made for no budget at film school that were more accomplished than that. Ugh.

    • Uncle Creepy

      The studio insists on the chat segment. Believe me, I have fought that battle for several weeks.

      As for Vanessa fumbling the title of Aliens last week she meant to say the Aliens franchise. Having a live camera shoved in your face week after week is nerve racking. There are no second takes.

  • ghostgirl111

    Great interview love Jen & Michael, can’t wait to see all their films.

  • Shelleyfranco8863

    Michael Biehn is the king Im only dying for hidden in the woods and the girl

  • frank_dracman

    Cool beans, Michael Biehn! This show lives and dies by the guests.

    I haven’t been paying the greatest attention to the show, but where did Jill Kill go? She was absent the last episode and she’s not even mentioned here.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Jill moved on to other prospects.

      • GODFLESH69

        Damn too bad she’s a cutie!

      • aliensharkboy

        That’s too bad. She’s got a lot of potential. She just needs the screentime 😛


    Cool that Biehn is into Horror,F’n loved The Divide !