You Are Wesker!

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles details revealed!It’s been long rumoured and people were beginning to think that it wasn’t going to happen, but Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is finally ready to give long term Resident Evil fans something very special.

Albert Wesker, traitor to just about everyone he ever met, has long been the villain behind many of the events in the Resident Evil series. Umbrella Chronicles was referred to as “Wesker’s story” early on, but now we’re finding out just how true that is.

Long term fans of the series will know (and given the way the game plays out, this is no spoiler) that Wesker was presumed dead during the events in the original Resident Evil. An explanation as to how he survived was provided later on, but as revealed by the latest trailer over at IGN, Umbrella Chronicles will have you controlling Wesker as he escapes from the Spencer Mansion where those events took place.

Up to this point, it was thought that the game, aside from the final chapter in a completely new environment, would only be retelling the story … so to find out that we’ll get deeper insight into Wesker throughout the timeline of the franchise is exciting news, indeed.

Further to the trailer, IGN have some videos of the Resident Evil: 0 level of Umbrella Chronicles, and the game is definitely looking scary, atmospheric and graphically impressive for the Wii. You can also watch someone playing it using the Wii Zapper which will be an optional way to play when it’s released.

I am a little worried by the lack of exploding heads which we saw in earlier videos of the game, but either way, I’m sure the game will be something Resident Evil fans don’t want to miss once the game is released.


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  • Warlock West

    This is my only reason for an indecision between the Wii or the Xbox 360. Resident Evil 5 and Silent Hill 5 are both on the Xbox…what to do?

    ~Warlock West