Roth Talks Trash

Eli Roth talks Trailer Trash!I have to admit, it takes some balls to go from making movies like Hostel, which easily made Eli Roth horror’s golden boy for a while, to buckling down and actually making a movie that will esentially be a compilation of fake trailers.

Such is the premise behind Trailer Trash, which you’ve probably heard by now Roth is readying for a release in August of 2008, with cameras set to roll as early as February. He sat down with MTV recently and spilled some beans on the project.

He will be directing all the fake trailers, he says, with some possible exceptions like Edgar Wright, but he makes it very clear he doesn’t want to share. And who could blame him? I’m sure he’s got more than enough fucked-up ideas floating around that head of his to make a 90-minute run time.

Though he doesn’t give any specifics, he does say this; “don’t give the zombies pot, because then they’ll get stoned and that’ll make them even hungrier … I’m going to be doing that idea,” and damnit, that makes me laugh. Yeah, I said it.

The only other details revealed, as it were, are that there will likely be some big names in the faux trailers, and that there will be a plot to tie them all together. Keep it here for more as we dig it up!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Bone Daddy

    The concept is novel, but will the novelty be enough to sustain an 80-90min film going experience? Sounds like an ideal extra on a SE DVD.

    The pot/Zombie line was kinda funny.

  • PelusaMG

    Kudos to ER after Hostel 2 did not go as well as he thought… I mean, he could have taken a safer route and done something a little more conventional. I hope this works for him, but I have a feeling he finds it blows quicker than Tarrantino!

    Just one thought though… how will they cut a trailer for the film?

  • Blockbuster

    Yeah…it does take some balls, but if there’s one thing that Eli’s got, it’s balls. Big ones. Even though “torture porn” is as cliche as 80’s slasher films, he took it to a new level. And Johnny, I laughed hard enough at the stoner comment that everyone at work thought I was nuts. THAT is awesome.

  • Terminal

    Movie sounds so fucking stupid. This idea doesn’t sound worth anything. At least you laughed Johnny, I just rolled my eyes. It’s pretty obvious where he’s going with this.