30 Days and Beyond for Raimi?

Soul swallowing fun!Sam Raimi has been a busy man this year. The director made sure Spider-Man brought in the bucks and he looks to do the same with another comic book-turned-film this year, 30 Days of Night (review). Raimi is acting as producer on this project, but his presence can be felt.

He also made himself known over at Bloody Disgusting today as he sat down for an interview regarding the present and future of the 30 Days franchise.

Sam mainly talked positively about the film, but he did give a little insight on if we’ll be seeing another installment, “It is very different but I don’t know if there is going to be a sequel to 30 Days of Night nor do I know, if there was, if it would be based upon that. We’d have to see if it’s successful at the box office and see if people really want to see a sequel. And if they do then I’d probably huddle with Ben (Templesmith) and Steve (Niles) and my partner, Rob (Tapert), and figure out what they thought it should be. Mostly I want to stay true, if there was a sequel, to the books. I think that’s what got us there in the first place.

There’s plenty more 30 Days news to see today (“5 Days Of Steve Niles” – October 2007).

We’re not done with Sam yet, fiends. STYD also got to sit down with the man to discuss what other horror films had in the works outside of the frostbitten vampires. The Grudge III script is in, Evil Dead IS being remade and Ghost House is going to stay busy for quite a while with even more pictures!


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