Grace Victoria Cox Finds Her First TV Role Under the Dome

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Grace Victoria Cox Finds Her First TV Role Under the DomeFor a show that’s set under a dome with no way in or out, Season 2 of “Under the Dome” sure is adding a lot of new characters! In any event, here’s word on another…

Per THR, newcomer Grace Victoria Cox has been tapped for a recurring role on the CBS series, marking her first screen credit.

The 18-year-old Cox will appear as the lithe, mysterious, beautiful, and almost regal Melanie, who catches the eye of Joe (Colin Ford). Poised and ethereal, Melanie is from the “right” side of the tracks and is a clear contrast to Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz).

Cox’s hiring comes on the heels of Eddie Cahill and Karla Crome being added to the cast earlier this week.

As we’ve reported previously, “Under the Dome” is poised to kill off two “favorites” when it returns with its Stephen King-penned Season 2 premiere on June 30th.

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Under the Dome

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  • aliensharkboy

    Seems this show was another case of hearing negative things about it prior to my first viewing, only to be surprised at how decent it is.

    I mean, it’s a wonky and uneven show in terms of quality and story, but it’s overall premise is intriguing (for someone like me who hasn’t read the book), it’s got enough competence in its production to deliver some really fun FX and set-pieces. Plus, amidst the occasionally clunky dialogue, unstable character developments and filler episodes, there’s some really awesome characters worth investing time in.

    I just wish it hadn’t become predictable and ended up playing it so safe.
    The pilot episode promised plenty of violence to come, as well as secrets that were ticking time-bombs ready to explode and drive some characters into insanity. But no, instead, the show went incredibly Spielberg and sci-fi-ish, with very little sense of growing paranoia among the trapped civilians, and more an adventurous uncovering of mysteries for a group of teens (I truly hate Junior).

    In a sentence, this show needs to be more like Stephen King’s The Mist.

    • Debi Moore

      For me the problem is that it should have been set as one or maybe two seasons and then done. It ended up feeling really padded and stretched out with very little resolution in the finale. And the kid actors? Oh my! So bad.

      • aliensharkboy

        Agreed. There’s plenty of fuck-ups they can’t undo (Barbie’s confrontation about Julia’s dead husband was beyond disappointing).

        A single lengthy season to document one dramatic descent into complete madness would’ve been excellent. Spielberg did a similar structure with his Taken (2002) series, spanning over 50 years for a single season’s worth of solid and fully planned story-telling. Why not do the same here?

        Even worse, I read something to do with the showrunners saying they’ve come up with a planned ending, but it’ll only be reached by the fifth season… yikes.