Exclusive: Nicotero Talks Drive-In, Mythos

Nicotero talks Mythos!Hanging out at Rock and Shock this weekend, I got to meet some great people, both celebrity and otherwise, who I had been hoping to hook up with for years. One of the celebrities I’ve been waiting to chat with for a long time is Greg Nicotero, the “N” of KNB Effects.

I hit him up for info on The Drive-In, his planned directorial debut that we last told you about a few months back (“Nicotero Directs, Barbeau Writes” – August 2007). He said he still really wants to see Drive-In happen, as does author Joe R. Lansdale, but right now things are still up in the air, though he wants the fans to know that they are working on making sure it eventually comes to fuition. He did, however, bring up another project that would blow fans away across the board if done right.

The project is called Mythos, based on a script by KNB supervisor Shannon Shea. Greg told me he had read the script a while back and fell in love with it and, even though it’s budget is a high enough to scare some studios away, he’s confident the right people will get behind it soon.

Mythos follows the results of an archeological dig that uncovers a relic long thought forever lost. It’s stolen by a cult who utilizes its power to resurrect the Hydra, Harpies, the Cyclops and more ancient monsters in order to wreak havoc on modern-day society. The only way to stop these creatures, it’s discovered, is to find the direct descendents of ancient gods living among us today.

Nicotero seemed incredibly excited about the project, making mention that at one point they were trying to get the original Ray Harryhausen-designed creatures to use as a jumping-off point for the look of the beasts. While that still may or may not happen, the basic idea behind the film has enough original concepts mixed with old-school monster-smashing fun that I can’t think of a better film for someone like Nicotero to get behind.

Keep it here for updates as we get ‘em!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Bone Daddy

    Interesting, although for my take, I’d LOVE it if Drive-In got green-lit first. A Clash of The Titans-esque mythological monster romp sounds fun, but gimme Drive-In goodness!