Lake Placid Chomping its Way to Blu-ray This Summer Thanks to Scream Factory

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Lake Placid Chomping its Way to Blu-ray This Summer Thanks to Scream FactoryThis summer Scream Factory will be releasing special editions of Final Exam, Evilspeak, Nosferatu (1979), Sleepaway Camp, Ravenous, Dog Soldiers, Hellhole, Deadly Eyes, Ginger Snaps, and Phantom of the Paradise. Will you still have room in your Blu-ray budget for Lake Placid?

For that matter, do you even care about owning Steve Miner’s 1999 crocodilian horror comedy written by David E. Kelley? Even as a fan of nature gone amok movies, I found foul-mouthed Betty White to be about the only memorable aspect of Lake Placid.

Clearly a lot of you enjoyed it more than me. How else to explain all those Syfy-produced sequels?

Those of you that dug Lake Placid should be thrilled that Scream Factory’s latest surprise announcement is their intention to release a Collector’s Edition Lake Placid Blu-ray sometime this summer. Here’s what they had to say on Facebook:

The crocodile-chompin’- Betty-White-swearin’ film LAKE PLACID will be coming from us as a Collector’s Edition this summer, which also marks its first time on Blu-ray! Released in 1999 and directed by Steve Miner (Friday the 13th Parts 2 & 3, Halloween: H20), this humorous take on the tried-and-true menacing reptile story stars Bridget Fonda (Single White Female), Bill Pullman (The Serpent and the Rainbow) and Oliver Platt (2012). Also notable, the film was written by famous TV producer/screenwriter David E. Kelley (“Ally McBeal,” “L.A. Law,” “Boston Legal”).

While we can’t provide a street date at this time, expect this to drop in mid-summer. Pre-order links should go up in sometime in April. Look for a full list of extras sometime in May. New key art is also coming soon too, but the image you see here – the original theatrical poster – will be on the reverse.

Scream Factory swears they’re not done announcing summer release titles. Somewhere DeepStar Six, Man’s Best Friend, and Bats have to be looking at this Lake Placid news and wondering, “Am I next?”

For more in the meantime, visit the official Scream Factory website, and “like” Scream Factory on Facebook.

Lake Placid

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  • frank_dracman

    True story: The filmstrip broke about halfway through when we saw it. We contemplated leaving, but figured to give it a shot. Then the film broke. Again. Manager came out and offered refunds if we didn’t want to stay. Like complete idiots we decided to see it through. Needless to say God was trying to tell us something yet we were too stupid to catch on. Fuck this movie.


    • aliensharkboy

      Like Anaconda, it’s among those love-it-or-hate it reptile creature features. Personally, I don’t understand how someone could hate a cromedy (crocodile-comedy) starring Bill Pullman and Brendan Gleeson.