Viking Zombies Spill Blood in New Teaser for The Rise of Valhalla

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Viking Zombies Spill Blood in New Teaser for The Rise of ValhallaIf you thought Quentin Tarantino took liberties with World War II in Inglourious Basterds, then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. In The Rise of Valhalla, Nazi Vikings are thrown into the war, and the results promise to be gory. Put on a rain slicker and dig on the bloody new teaser!

Daniel Konze directs. Avier Wolf, Mario Kaspras, Fabio Sorgini, Thomas Binder, Marc Bluhm, Steven Kouria, Thomas Pill, Pascal Dieckmeyer, Robin Metz, Stefan Böhme, Eugen Schlegel, Tobias Lütkemeier, Peter Barta, and Jan Haake star.

Here’s the loosely translated plot…

It is a film about the Third Reich, where the Nazis open the gate to Valhalla and hope to be able to win the war with the help of Viking zombies. However, the Viking zombies do not fight on the side of the Nazis and kill everything.

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    at least that’s an original premise too bad it looks like total shit !

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