Get a Taste of Peter Clines’ Ex-Purgatory from this Exclusive Excerpt

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Get a Taste of Peter Clines' Ex-Purgatory from this Exclusive ExcerptAs promised when we first told you about Peter Clines’ Ex-Purgatory, the fourth installment in his Ex-Heroes series, here’s an exclusive excerpt from the novel, which arrives tomorrow, January 14th.

We’ll be kicking off a giveaway of all four of Clines’ Ex- books (Ex-Heroes, Ex-Patriots, Ex-Communication, and Ex-Purgatory) later this week, but in the meantime CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF excerpt of Ex-Purgatory.

When he’s awake, George Bailey is just an ordinary man. Five days a week he coaxes his old Hyundai to life, curses the Los Angeles traffic, and clocks in at his job as a handyman at the local college.

But when he sleeps, George dreams of something more.

George dreams of flying. He dreams of fighting monsters. He dreams of a man made of pure lightning, an armored robot, a giant in an army uniform, a beautiful woman who moves like a ninja.

Then one day as he’s walking from one fix-it job to the next, a pale girl in a wheelchair tells George of another world, one in which civilization fell to a plague that animates the dead… and in which George is no longer a glorified janitor, but one of humanity’s last heroes.

Her tale sounds like madness, of course. But as George’s dreams and his waking life begin bleeding together, he starts to wonder—which is the real world, and which is just fantasy?

Peter Clines' Ex-Purgatory Arrives January 14th

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