First Look at Running Press’ Godzilla Sticker Book/Toy Combo

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First Look at Running Press' Godzilla Sticker-Book / Toy ComboOkay, before you go throwing a hissy fit regarding the look of this latest Godzilla collectible, know this… it’s for a children’s sticker book/toy combo from publisher Running Press. Not exactly the figure we wanted to see first, but alas…

The set includes a figurine of the legendary monster with “atomic ray” light emanating from his mouth and even offers the sound of his iconic roar. This comes packaged with a sticker book filled with Godzilla illustrations and is available for pre-order now at most online retailers including Amazon (link below).

MSRP is $12.95. Ya get what you pay for. Check it out below.


Monsters‘ Gareth Edwards directs the all-star Godzilla cast including Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Johnson, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe, Richard T. Jones, Sally Hawkins, Akira Takarada, Victor Rasuk, Yuki Morita, and C.J. Adams.

In theaters May 16, 2014, an epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Making his first appearance in 1954 (Gojira), Godzilla is a giant monster that lives in the sea that comes from the ocean to feed on mankind.

You can visit the official M.U.T.O Research website here and start digging around for more goodies. Click the image below to get started.

The Godzilla Teaser Trailer is HERE! WATCH NOW!





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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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    I think that it might be the first time encounter with Godzilla. The City is being destroyed ,reports of a Giant beast is being reported . There is no way Aircraft or other Military can get in there with all the smoke ,fire and debris everywhere. Roads and Bridges would probably be destroyed. The only way the
    Military can get in to see first hand what is going on is to send men in on a Halo jump. Thats the only thing I could think they would be jumping into the city for!

    • Cinemascribe

      Based on the brief clip we see of that scene with the jumpers in the trailer, I think you nailed it ZILLAME. I may be way off on this, but I’m under the impression that those soldiers are jumping in to establish an initial military presence on scene and proceed from there. I don’t think they’re actually being sent to battle Godzilla.

      That having been put out there, here’s a thought folks: Godzilla has an essentially perfect cinematic track record for destroying the crap out of pretty much any form of aircraft that flies anywhere near his airspace and the scenario doesn’t appear to be any different in this film. Maybe it was determined within the context of this movie that planes and helicopters can’t remain in the area long enough to engage Godzilla in battle without being vaporized (I mean really, how many scale model toy jet fighters have to plummet into the Sea of Japan before the armies of the world stop attempting air assaults on Godzilla?), so they have to drop in assets he’s less likely to perceive as a threat because of their size (or lack thereof). What if they’re individually armed with a type of weapon that might actually do something to Big G? It is a Sci-Fi movie among other things. You’ve got a giant, mutant dinosaur born of nuclear radiation terrorizing a major metropolitan area as well as – according to the press releases I’ve read- battling other giant monsters who have shown up to wreak havoc on humankind. Comparatively, the idea of a group of elite military personnel para-jumping into the fray with cutting edge weaponry isn’t such a strain on my suspension of disbelief.

      The toy featured above at least resembles the classic Godzilla, not GINO. The snout’s a little short, but does anyone remember the plastic Godzilla sold as a companion toy to the original Shogun Warrior action figures (those were the ones that stood about a foot and a half tall and could fire little plastic missiles and such) in 1977? I owned one of those once. Not only did that only marginally resemble the classic Godzilla, but it had a lever on the back of it’s head that you pushed to cause a plastic sliver painted to look like fire to emerge from it’s mouth, as well as a spring action fist that you could shoot across the room (presumably at one or all of the Shogun Warriors) by pushing a button. That toy looked less like Godzilla than this one does. But I still loved it and somehow it didn’t effect the quality of any Godzilla movies I had seen before or after.

      I think Edwards film looks extraordinarily promising and I happen to enjoy Monsters. Toy or no toy, the bad boy stomping around in that trailer represents the Big G done right. Godzilla is at the top of my must see list for 2014.

      (The link below is to an article asking what the best toy of 1977 was. If you scroll down on that page a bit, there’s terrific full body shot of the Godzilla toy I described. Like I said, I used to own one. I received it as a birthday present. I freakin’ adored that thing),d.eW0&psig=AFQjCNHrLl1W51gMzKDASnled38KdpI7IQ&ust=1388405821048029

      • ZILLAME are right, Godzilla probable would Blast any Aircraft out the air who came near him…Or He already has! Why would they keep sending in more. And from the Looks of that City Covered in Clouds of smoke. How would Airplanes or Jets navigate through it to get to where Godzilla is. It seems to me He’s covered in the mist of all of it.
        …Anyway we well see whats it all about soon.
        That being said, I too had A Mattel Godzilla And also a Shogun Warrior when I was very Young. I never like the fact He was green, His tail was so short, His Back Fins Were nubs. His Radiation beam was only a Fire
        tongue that stuck out! ..And he looked more like KING KONG in the face than Godzilla. But back then it was about the only Godzilla toy
        in the USA you could find. I still was kind of fond of it, because it
        was a representation of my favorite movie star as a Kid. Later on I made a Godzilla out of playdough and card board ,let harden and painted it Dark Gray.
        That to me as a kid looked like the Godzilla I saw in the Movies. Never knew what happen to them though. Most likely My Mother the MOMzilla of our Home got rid of them as I got older. I still Have My Aurora Godzilla kit though.

        • frank_dracman

          Was that the large, clunky looking Godzilla that launched his fists for some reason? I so wanted that thing.

  • addeisdead

    I haven’t been keeping up with the production of this movie, so maybe someone can give me a good reason why there are paratroopers diving onto Godzilla in the poster. Seems like the worst possible way to attack a giant lizard creature.

    • frank_dracman

      I know right? I know it’s just me, but I have a bad feeling about the movie. Feels like a Call of Duty meets Godzila kinda thing. Or maybe even Battle Los Angles. Really hope I’m wrong and it’s awesome.

      • arandomthought

        You of all people should be optimistic frank! Godzilla Looks like Godzilla. There’s an earth defense force feel to the trailer, and we know there will be other kaiju so it’s not just going to be a military presence. I bet the scene is from the first half-hour after the shit hits the fan, and they’re collecting information about whats going on since essentially the city is a cloud of dust. I am assuming around the halfway point after a couple militaristic battles the other Kaiju will emerge bringing in a balls to the wall battle from the Big G and whomever he is fighting. The military(I’m assuming) is more to get human characters in there. I’m honestly Curious if they’re going to have a lead woman to continue that tradition.

        • frank_dracman

          Holy shit dude, that’s a LOT of assuming. You were what, 10 when the “other” Godzilla came out? I was all jazzed up about that and after seeing it I wanted to commit Seppuku with a spork. I was burned, bad. After The Thing, The Fog, Oldboy and Nightmare on Elm Street my fragile psyche simply cannot handle another disappointment of that magnitude. Hence, the apprehension.

          • arandomthought

            I guess that’s fair though we saw The Fog, and Oldboy coming. Nightmare on Elm Street at least had Jack Earle Hailey take the role, and had it been a different movie, he would have left us breathless I think. So that’s the only positive side to that one(minus the mirror kill at the end). The thing just ripped the soul from me though.

            If this is bad, then I might have to see robocop and commit visual suicide.

    • MonsterMash

      Me either. All I can think of is perhaps flare target designation for a nuke strike or some shit(Sure! That’ll work!). Seems a more than a little low-tech for fighting Big G. It makes no sense any way you look at it. I’m still optimistic about it.

  • DavidFullam

    Wat da fuck is dat? The love child of GINO and the real deal?