A New Trailer Comes Sailing Down the Monongahela River

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The Monongahela River Is Home to Something InhumanIt was back in April when we first told you about the low-budget terror tale Monongahela, which concerns a ferocious river monster wreaking havoc on hapless victims. Today we get another look at the horrors which lay in wait.

The film is directed by Cayce Mell and stars Alex Russo, Scott Sullivan, Jake Mulliken, and Erin Ryan. Check out the new trailer, and look for more on this one soon.

Monongahela follows Kate Walsh (Alexandra Russo, Dying to Meet You) after she misses her flight, loses her job, and meets two men in the airport bar: Mick (Scott Sullivan, Brothers at Last) and Ben Munroe (Jake Mulliken, “Breaking Bad”). Mick and Ben reveal to Kate that they are cryptozoologists, researchers who spend their time chasing down Bigfoot and camping out on the shores of Loch Ness. When Kate asks them what they are doing in Pittsburgh, they inform her that they have come to investigate sightings of a mysterious creature lurking in the Monongahela River.

The Monongahela River Is Home to Something Inhuman

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