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A Truly Grand Day



Knetter's Monthly Blood

Tyler stood in line and waited to get into the amusement park. His stomach fluttered with a nervousness that caused his colon to quiver. He felt that at any moment his bowels could evacuate, spilling feces down his legs in a cascading waterfall of stink. Looking at the bright blue, metal gates that surrounded the park made him begin to feel dizzy. He closed his eyes and slowly counted to ten. It seemed to help him when he began to feel the onset of an anxiety attack. While counting, he took deep breaths through his nose and exhaled through his mouth, making an audible blowing sound, just like his doctor had taught him. The dizziness passed and he opened his eyes again. A man had turned around and was looking at him. Although it was only 9:30 am the man’s shirt was already dripping wet with sweat. He had a slight spoiled milk smell that permeated from his open pores.

“You ok buddy?”, the man asked with a worried look on his face.

Tyler looked at the man and felt a ping of jealousy. He was very overweight; he had to be at least 400 pounds. He was smoking a gnawed-on cigar that smelled like a combination of dead flowers and ass. The cigar smoking, coupled with his weight, was sure to get the best of him, and soon from the look of it. Still, Tyler would have gladly exchanged bodies with him in a second. Not because he wanted to die, on the contrary. He harbored no thoughts of death, and he was hoping to live a long life; hopefully it could become a happy one. That wasn’t why he was jealous. He was jealous because the man wasn’t going to go on any rides today: not because he was scared or anything like that, but because he was just too fat to fit on them.

“I said are you ok?” The man repeated.

Tyler composed himself and smiled, fighting the urge to turn and flee.

“Sure thing. I was just getting a little dizzy from the heat. Man it’s going to be a hot one today.”

The man looked at him for a second before deciding that Tyler was probably ok.

“Yeah it is. Hot and sticky”, he said turning back around.

Tyler looked towards the front of the line. He could see workers in the glass cages at the front of the park, getting ready to begin letting people in. In a few moments they would move forward into the park and he would be forced to confront his fears. Tyler had not been to the park in twenty years. Growing up his family (mom, dad, his two sisters and him) would go to the park every summer. Always the second week in July, when the heat was so unbearable that no matter how many sno-cones you consumed, you still had a dry mouth. Still, he had loved the trips. Cotton candy, rides, games. It was an annual tradition that he eagerly anticipated each year. He would begin counting the days when school ended for the year. It really was his favorite day of the year. At least until the summer of ’84, when he was twelve years old.

That summer, his parents had decided it was time for him to start going on some of the big rides. His sisters, Maggie and Karen, were sixteen and eighteen respectively. They both began going on the bigger rides when they were nine. As far as he was concerned, Tyler was content to continue going on the teacups and the merry go round for the rest of his life. He really had no aspirations to ride the big ones. They were big scary rides with long lines that held only fear. He could hear the screams coming from the rides all across the park. Anything that made you scream like that was not worth checking out. Besides, on more than one occasion, he saw people step off of a ride, with vomit covering the front of their shirt, laughing out loud. It was madness. Not necessarily the let’s paint murals of snowmen and reindeer on you walls with your own feces while shoving grapes up your ass madness, but a short term form of madness all the same. He wanted no part of it.

His parents sat him down a week before the trip.

“Tyler, we need to talk to you about the trip to the park”, his mom said.

His heart sunk. It could only mean one thing. The trip was cancelled. There would be no cotton candy. No games. No rides. No fun.

“What is it? Are we still going?”

“Yes we’re still going. Of course we’re going. It’s a family tradition. It’s just…your father and I think it’s time for you to start going on some of the other rides. You’re twelve years old now. You’re a young man.”

“I don’t want to go on any of the big rides. They’re not fun. I want to go on my rides.”

“Son listen, how do you know they’re not fun? You’ve never even given them a try.”

“I know dad. It’s obvious to me.”

“We have fun on them. Your sisters have fun on them.”

“Good, you guys go on them and I’ll go on mine.”

“Don’t you feel a little embarrassed going on the kid rides?”

“No”, he lied.

For at least the last 2 summers, he had been getting dirty looks from the ride operators and other parents. He ignored the looks and concentrated on having fun.

“Tyler, we know how much you love the rides, so we don’t want to take them all away from you. We’ll make you a deal. You can try one of the bigger rides and then if you don’t like it, you can go on one of the smaller rides. That’s fair.”

“I’m not going on any of the big rides. It’s not happening. I’m going to go on my rides.”

“We’re trying to be cool about this Tyler. We’d like to go on rides as a family this year. Your sister is leaving for college next year and this might be the last time we go as a family for a while. Don’t you think it would be much more fun to stay together, rather than split into two groups?”
“Then you go as a family and I’ll go on my rides by myself.”

“That’s not what we want Tyler. Besides, you know we can’t let you wander off by yourself.”

“Why? I’m a young man now. You said it yourself.”

“That’s enough Tyler. If you don’t want to go on the rides then fine. You don’t need to go then. I’ll have your aunt Stef come over and watch you that day.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Is it fair that we can’t go on rides together? That your father and I have to take turns staying with you while the other one goes on the ride? You’re twelve years old Tyler. You’ve outgrown the kid rides. This is not an option.”

He continued to argue to no avail. If he wanted to go to the park he was going to have to go on the big rides. In the back of his mind he still clung to the hope that when they got there they would change their mind. They didn’t.

Someone tapping on his shoulder pulled Tyler out of his recollection of events. He shook his head and looked forward. The line had begun to move and it was time for the park to open. He turned around and apologized to the lady behind him for daydreaming and he stepped forward towards the gate. The line moved quickly and before long, he was at the ticket box, paying for his park pass. The teller handed him the pass and as he picked it up, he was not surprised to see his hands shaking. He stepped forward into another line and wanted to cry.

Mory pushed the stroller through the turnstile, entering the park. There was always a sea of smiling faces entering the park and a river of people leaving that had a defeated, sad look on their face. It was comical to sit and watch the polar opposites that existed in the enter/exit area of the park. It really was two separate worlds. Regardless of how everyone else was, he was going to be leaving with a smile on his face. No doubt about that.

As he was looking at the people he was greeted by a young lady wearing a purple and white striped dress. She had a big smile plastered on her face that looked so fake that it had to be real. A large camera hung around her neck.

“Hello sir. If I can get you to smile for a second I’d like to take a picture of you and your baby.”

“Sure”, Mory said already grinning.

The girl walked a few feet from him and stopped. She lifted the camera up and pointed it in his direction.

“Alright, say cotton candy.”

“Cotton Candy”, he said as she snapped the picture.
She walked towards him.

“Alright, you can bring this back to the counter right over there when you leave and take a look at the picture.

“I sure will. Thank you.”

With that, she was off to the next group of people entering the park. He looked at the little white ticket and it said A4987. Mory hoped that the picture would turn out ok. Hopefully he would be able to look at it on the way out. He tucked the ticket into the front left pocket of his shorts. He turned his attention towards the park ahead of him. The park began like most amusement parks. A few stores right by the entrance selling overpriced souvenirs that you somehow always ended up buying just because. Past the stores was where the park really began: the rides, the games and the fun. In the distance he could see the carousel. Every park you went to always had a carousel. It was a standard and even though rides had grown considerably with the technological advances that have occurred in the last seventy years, there was still always an eager group of people waiting in line for the ride. Sure enough, there was a short line of children waiting in line. He pushed the stroller forward and began walking through the crowd. It was very crowded today. He had to be careful to not run anyone down with the stroller, especially the overzealous children darting to and fro. A few people looked in the stroller as he passed and smiled warmly at him. It was a short walk to the ride. He began hearing the music playing on the carousel as he neared the ride. It was soothing. It took him back to the sweet innocence of his childhood. He parked the stroller along the small guardrail, to the right of where you entered and bent down to pick the baby up. She was wearing a big hat that shielded her face from the sun. You can’t be too careful. The last thing he wanted was for her to burn. He held her close to his chest and got in line for the ride. He was able to get on right away. He walked past the multicolored horses and had a seat in one of the sleighs that sit on the outside of the ride. He leaned back and smiled as others shuffled onto the ride and climbed aboard their horse of choice. It began and he held the baby and smiled. He reached down and tickled her foot and she let loose a high-pitched giggle. He giggled back at her. He looked out at all the people walking around and knew it was going to be a good day. Right in front of him was a young boy who looked to be around five or six. He was sitting on one of the horses that stayed stationary and didn’t move up or down. He looked very disappointed in his choice of horse. The man hoped the rest of the kid’s day wasn’t as disappointing. After the ride stopped, he exited and put the baby back in the stroller. He pushed onward, into the park. The smell of sweets filled the air. There were row upon row of food stands; cotton candy, funnel cakes, mini donuts. There was a virtual cornucopia of sugary delights. He stopped at the sno-cone stand and ordered a rainbow one. He found an empty bench not far from the stand and had a seat. He positioned the stroller facing towards him, so he could see the baby as he ate. A small chunk of ice fell off of the cone and landed on his shirt. He brushed it off and continued to eat. When he was done with the sno-cone, he leaned back and looked towards the sky. It certainly was a perfect day. Blue skies as far as the eyes could see.

He bent down, reached his hand under the stroller and rotated the razor blades forward, so that they stuck out of the front. It was going to be a truly grand day.

Tyler walked slowly into the park. His legs felt like they were loaded with cement. It was a chore just to take each step. He wanted to turn around and flee the park, back to the safety of his hotel; just forget about this whole mess. He stood and contemplated doing just that, when a small child caught his eye. The child stood smiling in front of the carousel. He didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl and in truth, it didn’t matter. What mattered was the look on his/her face: pure bliss. It’s smile stretched impossibly from one ear to the other. He remembered feeling that way about the park. The carousel had been one of his favorite rides. He thought back to the day his feelings changed.

They entered the park as a family. They got their picture taken as a family, all of them smiling wide, not a care in the world. That picture hung on the wall above the fireplace for years. It was the last time that Tyler could remember being a happy family. Tyler had still held on to the thought that they weren’t really going to make him go on the big rides. He saw the carousel and smiled. It was always the first ride he went on at the park. He started walking towards it when his father spoke up.

“Tyler. We’re going this way”, he said motioning to the left.

Tyler’s heart sunk.

“But dad, I always go on the carousel first.”

“I know, but we are doing things different this time, remember.”

It was really going to happen. They were really going to make him go through with it.

“Tell you what, we’ll go on one big ride and then we’ll come back and you can ride the carousel”, his mom said.

Tyler remembered hating her at the moment; an intense hate that raced through his body and pulsated in his head. If hate were a bullet, then his mother would have been annihilated by machine gun fire. He put his head down and followed them. The ride they chose to go on was the log ride. They told him there was only one scary drop and the rest was just like riding a boat through the water. He looked at the wooden structure and knew that he was going to die. No ifs, ands or buts about it. He was going to die today, on this ride and it was going to be his parent’s fault. He hoped it would haunt them the rest of their lives. They got in line and waited for their turn to go. He could hear screams coming from the ride. His parents kept reassuring him that it would be ok, but he didn’t believe them. This ride was death, pure and simple. And in a way, he had been right about that. It was during this ride that his childhood ended. No longer would he be a happy-go-lucky kid. The youthful smile faded from his face when he realized his fate never quite came back. The line snaked around, crossing a few wooden bridges before coming to a set of stairs that led down to where you boarded the ride. A small pond sat next to one of the bridges. It was full of coins, wishes. His father handed him a quarter. Tyler took it with no gratitude, only disgust. He dropped it into the water and pictured himself lying in the pond, his skin a ghost white color, blood dripping from his ears and eyes. Tyler wished and prayed that he wouldn’t have to ride the ride. That something would happen that would keep him from dying. Unfortunately, for him, someone heard the wish and granted it. They got to the top of the stairs when he decided to make a run for it. He jumped the fence and began to run along the wooden enclosure that circled the ride. He could hear his father yelling at him, but he didn’t stop, wouldn’t stop. He was going to run away, anywhere, anywhere but here. He ducked around the corner and that is when he was pulled into a doorway under the ride.

Mory gently eased the stroller into the crowd. People were crammed together so closely, that at any point, he thought someone would end up body surfing towards him, like they did at those sweaty rock shows he saw on TV. He guided the stroller around people, being careful not to bump into anyone. Up ahead, about fifteen feet, he saw what he was looking for. Standing alone, next to a water fountain, was a male. He looked to be in his early twenties. He was wearing a black t-shirt that screamed the name of some loud, obnoxious band Mory had never heard of, ‘Oscillating Monkey Spunk’. What a silly name for a band.

Mory followed him closely. The man had a walk that screamed of laziness. Mory looked down towards the ground and was transfixed by the soft, pink flesh of the man’s Achilles tendon. It was so pink, so tender, like a baby’s butt. He fought the urge to drop to his knees and pinch it. He pushed the stroller forward quickly, severing the tendon. Mr. Black t-shirt dropped to the ground and Mory pushed on. He was a good twenty feet away before he heard the screams of pain. What a truly grand day.

Tyler tried to push the thoughts of that day out of his mind. He wasn’t able to do it. It had never been far from his thoughts since it occurred. He walked on towards the ride that started it all, the log ride. It wasn’t long before he could see it in the distance. His legs began to wobble and his anus began to hurt as he neared it. He stopped and stood completely still. From where he was standing he could see the line for the log ride snaking up and down and around a vast wooden walkway. Right above the end of the line, there was a wooden sign stating that there was a sixty-five minute wait for the ride from this point. He felt nauseous. He heard screams from the ride and for a brief second thought he would indeed vomit. He closed his eyes and counted to ten twice before he started to feel better. It was now or never. It was what he came here for. He walked forward and got into the line. The line for the ride was excruciating. It only prolonged his torture. Why couldn’t he just get it over with? Why did he have to wait and wait and wait? He climbed a wooden flight of stairs and stood on a small bridge. There was water below. The coins gleamed in the light. He remembered and a single lonely tear escaped from his eye. He wiped the tear away as he looked at the money. Surely the coin he had dropped on that horrible day couldn’t still be down there. If it was, could he take it back along with the wish he made? Would it change what happened that day?

Standing ahead of him is a young couple holding hands. They were looking at each other with total and complete love. Tyler wanted that. He had never been able to have a real relationship with anyone. He had a few girlfriends, but every time they would get to the point where they were going to get intimate he would shut down. Sex just seemed so dirty and wrong. He had been seeing doctors and shrinks for years and nothing helped. Many had suggested a return to the park to confront his fears but he would never listen. The only reason that he finally listened to his newest doctor was because he taught him the counting-to-ten trick and it seemed to help. They were almost to the front of the line now. It would be time to fully confront his fears.

He uses the bladed stroller to cut half a dozen more people before he deems it unsafe to continue without getting caught. He pushes the stroller over to a bathroom area and gently lifts the baby out. He holds the baby to his shoulder and begins to walk towards the real reason he came to the park today, the log ride. He must hurry because he has already seen a few police walking around and it’s only a matter of time before they put two and two together and realize that they have a problem. Then they will surely close the park. He can’t waste anymore time playing. He gets to the wooden rails that surround the ride and climbs over the small fence. He ducks behind a wooden building and goes to a door. He leans back, ready to kick the door down, but stops at the last second and tries the door handle. It turns easily in his hands and he smiles. “Praise Jesus”, he whispers to himself. He steps through the doorway and closes the door behind him. He is surrounded by darkness but knows where he is going. He has been here before. He holds the baby close to his chest and begins to walk to the left. He can hear water rushing all around him and it is soothing. There is light in the distance ahead. Mory begins to pick up speed and jogs towards the light. “Almost there”, he thinks absently chewing at his bottom lip. His jog turns into a full on run. The light is getting closer and the whooshing sound of water fills his head, drowning out all thoughts but the light. He trips on something and goes sprawling forward onto the ground. His face connects with the dirt and a sickingly loud crunch is heard as his nose is pulverized into mush. He rolls onto his back and looks up. He can hear footsteps on the platform above. He reaches up and touches his face. There is no pain, but his nose is pretty much gone. As he moves his hand down his face, he feels his teeth, even though his mouth is closed. He sits up and spits his lower lip out and smiles. “Always knew the damn lip biting would come back and kick me in the ass”, he says laughing through blood-caked teeth. One thought brings him out of his laughing fit; the baby. Where is the baby? He panics and turns over on his hands and knees and begins to frantically search for the baby. Blood drips from his face onto the ground below as he searches. He can hear it drip. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit”, he mutters to himself, not aware he is speaking out loud. He runs his hands through pools of liquid a few times and each time reaches his hand up to his mouth to taste. Blood, thank god. Each time, he prepares for the worst and each time, it is only blood. Finally, his hand touches something and he is delighted to hear a giggle. He pulls the baby forward and holds it close to his now blood-soaked chest and says a prayer. He stands up quickly and almost falls back down. He reaches out with his right hand and steadies himself on the wooden beams that run the length of the hallway. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and counts to ten. The dizziness disappears and he begins to walk the rest of the hallway. He gets no more than ten steps before he begins running again. He stops right before the doorway that the light is coming from and peeks in. He can see a forest inside. About fifteen feet from him is a small cabin. Next to the cabin are two lumberjacks. Both stand there motionless, one holding an axe and the other a chainsaw .He looks to the right and sees the logs coming by slowly. He counts the length of time between each log. Seven seconds. When the log is out of site he quickly runs and dives behind the cabin. There is no back to the cabin. It is strictly for show. He can sit behind it and look out the window as the logs pass. He sits the baby down on the ground and crouches down in front of the window. This part could be tricky. Seven seconds roundtrip. He waits for the right time and then leaps out from behind the cabin and grabs the axe the lumberjack is holding. It comes free relatively easy and he leaps behind the cabin with two seconds to spare. He sits and rests for a second. His breathing is coming in gurgling spurts. With his nose non-existent, he has to breathe through his mouth and there is so much blood flowing down his throat that he can’t get a decent breath. There is no pain, at least he has that. He sits up and looks out the window and catches a quick reflection of himself; quite a sick sight. His face and upper body is completely covered in blood. It is beginning to crust on his face. With his smashed in nose and lack of lower lip, he certainly looks like a monster and at this point, he thinks, he most certainly is, praise Jesus. He smiles as he gets ready to make his move. He darts out and grabs a hold of the chainsaw and pulls hard. It comes free and he quickly ducks behind the cabin with it. Only then does he realize that he has pulled one of the plastic arms off of the lumberjack. “Shit”, he thinks. “Fuck it”, he says prying the arm off. He sets the chainsaw down next to the axe and looks at them both. Both had to be at least twenty years old. He hoped that they would serve their purpose. He unscrewed the gas cap from the chainsaw and looked inside. Empty, just like he thought. He looked at the axe before picking up the baby. He holds the baby in front of him and gives it a kiss. “I love you”, he says setting the baby down on the dirt in front of him. He crouches on his knees in front of the baby and picks the axe up. He holds the axe to his chest, like he had just held the baby. He looks into the baby’s wide-open eyes and a single tear streams from his face. He holds the axe up in the air and brings the blade down severing the baby’s right foot. There was a quick giggle from the baby before a clear liquid began leaking out and he quickly picks the baby up and holds it above the chainsaw. Gasoline flowed out of the baby, filling the chainsaw with life. When the baby was dry, he tossed its rubber body to the side and screwed the cap back on the chainsaw. He picked the chainsaw up, praying that it would start. He looks out the window and when it was clear, he pulled the cord and feared the worst. He was not disappointed. It roared to life on the first pull. He smiled and let it run for a few seconds, forgetting about the log riders coming by. As it was, he had nothing to worry about. Those who heard it assumed it was part of the ride.

Tyler stepped into the log and sat behind the couple. He felt wetness on his backside and momentarily thought that he shit himself. He looked down and saw that there was water in the log. He breathed deeply and the log began moving forward. He was really going to do it. Would this help him? Would it make his life better? He hoped so. He couldn’t go through this without getting something in return. The log slowly floated through the water. People stood behind a wooden fence all around the ride. They smiled and waved at the logs. Tyler felt disgusted by them. Didn’t they know what they were watching? Up ahead there was a cave. It was dark and Tyler tensed up. The log entered and they were enveloped in darkness. There was a sudden drop and he was sure it would last forever, taking him straight into the pits of hell. A second later they were back to the slow floating that started the ride. Up ahead there were lights. As they neared the lights, Tyler could see a forest setting. There were trees, a few deer, a cabin and two lumberjacks. One of the lumberjacks was missing an arm. Tyler instinctively touched his own arms to make sure they were both there. After the cabin and lumberjacks, you came out of the cave and there was a series of waterfalls that would splash you with ice- cold water before taking you to the final climb to the top. Tyler got through this portion ok. It wasn’t until he saw the log in front of him begin climbing up that he got nervous again. He was almost there. He had almost done it. He leaned back as the log got to the incline. The log shook as it began to climb towards the top. The conveyer belt made loud clicking sounds as the log was pulled up. The two people in front of him let out a nervous laugh as the log jerked violently upward. He squeezed the handrail tightly and prayed for it to end. He closed his eyes and began counting to ten. When he reached ten, he opened his eyes and looked to the side. He was about halfway up. He could feel his heart beating in his throat. Surely it would explode soon. He felt warmth spreading through the front of his pants. This time it wasn’t water. While his heart was still holding on, his bladder had checked out. Could the girl in front of him feel the warm wetness of his urine? He most certainly didn’t give a fuck at that point. He closed his eyes again and began counting to ten again, this time out loud.










Loud screaming ahead. He could hear the screams of the riders on the log in front of him, as they plummeted down the falls. He begins counting again.






Screams coming from his ride mates. It must be close to the top. He can feel the log leveling.





He turned the chainsaw off and bolted back to the doorway he had come from. There was a ladder to the left of the door and he began to slowly climb up. It was a long climb, made even more difficult by the fact that he had to carry the chainsaw. Twice, he almost dropped the damn thing. Slow and steady, he kept climbing. When he reached the top, there was a small trap door above him that was open. He poked his head out of the top and looked around. The platform was about ten feet by six feet. At one end of the platform was a small wood enclosure, where a park employee sat watching the riders. He slid the chainsaw out onto the platform and pulled himself up. He stood and began to walk towards the employee. He heard the snores before he got there. The fucker was sleeping. He stood behind him and set the chainsaw down quietly. He grabbed a hold of the back of the chair and held it for a second. A log came up and fell down the drop without anyone even noticing him. He smiled and quickly pulled the chair back. It tipped over and landed with a thud. The employee, Francois is what it said on his nametag, was startled out of his sleep and looked up as he landed. He saw blue skies above and then he was sliding backwards. The man grabbed his feet and with great force, slid him to the edge of the platform and flipped him over. As he fell, he did a couple of somersaults before landing on an iron fence below. The fence impaled him in two places, the middle of his neck and the other between his legs. The iron pole entered his scrotum, just in front of his anus, and skewered his man-meat like a shish kabob giving him the impression of a large hard-on. Mory smiled and began to look around. From here he could see the whole park. He closed his eyes and his battered face made a whistling sound as he tried to take a deep breath of fresh air. It truly was heaven, blue skies, a nice breeze up here; a truly grand day. A scream pulled him out of thoughts. He turned and smiled as the log passed before him and dropped down to the bottom. He bent over, picking up the chainsaw, and walked to the edge. Another log came by and the riders screamed as they saw the grotesque monster standing before them. He let out a loud howl and started the chainsaw.






“Is that a chainsaw?” Tyler thinks as he nears the top.

The world goes black and Tyler remembers back to the day he was pulled through the door under the log ride.

He ducked around the corner and that is when he was pulled into a doorway under the ride. Tyler opened his mouth to scream and a large powerful hand covered it.

“Don’t say a fucking word or I’ll fucking kill you”, the man said.

Tyler kept trying to scream and kick and the man reached his other hand up and pinched Tyler’s nose shut. Tyler began to suffocate. He couldn’t pull any breath in. The man was so strong. He began to feel lightheaded and he slumped forward. The man let go of his nose and Tyler took a long deep breath through his bloody nostrils.

“Next time I won’t let go. I’ll just keep squeezing until you die. You got that you little shit? I can do it, no problem.”

Tyler nodded his head. The man let go of Tyler’s mouth and Tyler gasped for breath. It was dark where they were. He couldn’t see much of the man. He could hear water running above him and it felt relatively cool in the darkness.

“Now listen, if you cooperate I’ll let you out of here and you can go back to your shitty life. If you fight me at all, I’ll fucking kill you. I’ll cut you right up the middle and I’ll stuff your guts in your mouth until you suffocate on yourself. You got that?”

“Yes”, Tyler said quietly fighting back tears.


Tyler felt the man’s hand drop down to his waist and unbutton his shorts. The man’s other hand was wrapped around Tyler’s throat. After unbuttoning the shorts he pulled them and Tyler’s underwear down. The man began to breath heavy. The man’s hand went from Tyler’s throat to the back of his neck. The man pushed Tyler forward, bending him over. He could hear the man unzipping his own pants. A hot searing pain roared through Tyler’s belly as he was violated. After the first couple of strokes, Tyler passed out and the man had to hold him up while he raped him. When Tyler woke up, he was alone in the dark. He rolled over and could feel wetness between his legs. He laid there for a while, crying. He leaned his head up and saw a flashlight in the distance coming towards him. He tried to sit up, but it was too painful. Instead, he waited for the light to get closer. All he could think about was how much he hated his parents for what they did to him.

He swings the chainsaw at the riders and begins cutting. The first log contains four people. He cuts through the first ones hands as they try to protect themselves. Blood spurts out in great streams and he continues slicing the saw forward, sawing faces and necks. Blood squirts up into his face and he has a sudden thought of the dancing water he once saw at a hotel in Las Vegas. He laughs loudly and does a little dance as the next log comes forward. It contains a young couple. The male is seated behind the female and he has both of his hands on her breasts copping a feel. The excitement of the impending drop, along with the rubbing, has made her nipples hard as a rock. They proudly jut out from behind her bikini top. The male drops his hands when he sees what’s happening and opens his mouth to scream. Mory aims for the nipples with the saw and quickly slices through them. Her chest opens and torrents of blood flow out. He then wildly swings the saw at the males open mouth. He saws his head off at the jaw-line. Blood squirts straight into the air and he sees the male’s tongue flop around in his open head. . Another log comes quickly. There are only two in this one also.

“Jesus saves”, he screams as he swings the chainsaw at them, cutting them to pieces. Mory looks down and sees that the next log is just starting to climb up to the top. He turns his meat chunk and flesh covered face up and basks in the glory of what he is doing. He opens his eyes and a great big red bird flies above and winks at him. He smiles and turns his attention back to the incoming log.

It nears the top and he positions himself. There are three people in this one; a female and two males. The female sits between the two males. He quickly cuts the first male’s throat with the saw. He then shoves the chainsaw into the woman’s abdomen and begins sawing down, creating one big gory mess, splitting the girl in half. Her intestines spill out and wrap around the chainsaw. Mory is mesmerized by the guts twisting around the saw. It just may be the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. All he wants at that moment, is to grab a hold of the intestines and wrap them around his body and wear them like a scarf. He has no doubt that they would be warm and cloak him in invincibility. He quickly realizes that he hasn’t taken care of the other male. The male leans back with his mouth open and his eyes closed. Mory quickly makes a slash with the chainsaw at the man’s throat. The log tilts forward for its descent and the man is thrown forward out of the way of the chainsaw. Mory screams as the log falls forward. He holds the chainsaw up and makes a cross in front of his body and jumps towards the log. He lands on his back on a large rock at the bottom of the ride. He tries to sit up, but can’t. He looks to the left and sees the chainsaw sitting in the grass next to the rock. He reaches a trembling hand and pulls the chainsaw towards him. He pulls it up and rests it on his chest. He tries to move his legs, but can’t. He can hear shouting from close by. He smiles a grotesque smile and starts the chainsaw. He tilts the chainsaw down and begins to cut through his belly. There is no pain. In fact, there is only a deep pleasure. He sees his intestines wrap around the chainsaw and he stares up towards the beautiful, blue sky. What a truly grand day.

Tyler opens his eyes and sees a familiar face. The fat man from earlier in the day stands above him. He is pale and sweaty. Other faces appear, all looking at him with deep concern. He realizes that he is lying in the log and he is wet. He must have passed out. He sits up and sees the headless bodies of his ride mates slumped in front of him. He opens his mouth to scream and laughter comes barreling out instead, a deep hearty laugh; a laugh of madness. He quickly jumps off of the ride and pushes through the crowd of stunned onlookers, towards the exit. He exits the ride area and begins to walk quickly away. His walk quickly turns into a jog before speeding up into a full on sprint, away from the ride. He hopes the line for the roller coaster isn’t as long as it was for the log ride. He grins and sings as he runs. What a truly grand day.

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Alien: Covenant’s Carmen Ejogo Joins True Detective Season 3



“From the dusty mesa her looming shadow grows…”

The first season of HBO’s “True Detective” was one of the best seasons ever put on a TV screen. Hands down. The second season was another story altogether. While not a complete waste of time (Colin Farrell owed) the season was basically merely ‘meh’.

But what about “True Detective” season 3?

Well, a few months back it was announced that the third season had been greenlit by HBO, with creator Nic Pizzolatto returning to pen the series and director Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room) taking the helm of the episodes.

Today we have news that Carmen Ejogo – who you may recognize Ejogo from such recent fright flicks as It Comes at Night, Alien: Covenant, and The Purge: Anarchy – will be joining the previously announced Mahershala Ali (Moonlight) for Season 3.

Ejogo will play the female lead, Amelia Reardon, who THR describes as “an Arkansas schoolteacher with a connection to two missing children in 1980.”

Nice Pizzolatto will serve as showrunner and direct alongside Jeremy Saulnier. Executive producers include Pizzolatto, Saulnier, Scott Stephens and season one stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as well as original director Cary Joji Fukunaga. Steve Golin, Bard Dorros and Richard Brown are also credited as exec producers.


A macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods.

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Danielle Harris Tried to Get Jamie Lloyd into New Halloween Movie



One of the top films all of us are looking forward to the most here at Dread Central is Blumhouse’s upcoming sequel/reboot thing to John Carpenter’s Halloween.

The new Halloween (2018) film is written by Danny McBride and David Gordon Green and is all set to be directed by Green this year. Recently we learned that original Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis was going to be returning to the new film.

Not only that, but Curtis’ classic character Laurie Strode would have a daughter… played by Judy Greer. But what about Danielle Harris?

After all, Harris was the star of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Curse of Michael Myers. Let alone, she had a starring role in both Rob Zombie’s remake and it’s sequel. So how about the new film?

Turns out Harris tried to get her character Jamie Llyod (aka the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode) from Halloween 4 and 5 into the new film… but she was turned down by Blumhouse and the new creative team. That sucks.

Harris was pretty bummed about the whole deal and took to Facebook recently to clear the air. You can check out quotes from her video, along with the video itself, below.

After that make sure to hit us up and let us know how much you would have liked to see Harris return to Halloween in the comments below or on social media!

“What I am bummed about is… [Laurie] has a daughter,” Harris says. “I was okay with it when she had a son… but they’re saying it’s the last one and… she has a daughter. And it’s not Jamie. It’s just kind of a bummer, I guess. I think somebody had said, it wouldn’t have hurt the movie to have Jamie reunited with [Laurie]. But that didn’t happen.”

“We did put in a call, thought it’d be kinda cool even just to have a little flashback…” She continues. “They were not interested. So. I tried.”

Blumhouse’s Halloween hits theaters October 19, 2018.

halloween and germany

Posted by Danielle Harris on Monday, November 6, 2017

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Through the Cracks – Trick or Treat (1986) Review



Starring Marc Price, Tony Fields, Lisa Orgolini, Glen Morgan, Gene Simmons, and Ozzy Osbourne

Directed by Charles Martin Smith

I have been a horror fan for more than half of my life at this point. Meaning I have seen most of the quality horror offerings under the sun. But that said, every once in awhile a classic sneaks past so we wanted to create this “Through the Cracks” review section for such films.

Case in point, I had never seen the Halloween horror flick Trick or Treat until last night. I know, right? How the hell did that happen? But these things do happen and so for everyone that has seen the flick a million times, this will be a review of the movie from a super horror fan that – at the age of 33 – is seeing Trick or Treat for the very first time.

Now let’s get to it.

First off you have to love the movie’s plot. Mixing horror and heavy metal seems like a given, yet preciously few films Frankenstein these two great tastes together.

Like many of you out there, I am a big metal fan as well as a big horror fan. The two seem to go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Or Jason and horny campers.

I dig bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and even those hair metal bands (Dokken forever!) and I’m well aware of the legends surrounding playing these records backward.

Off the top of my head, the only other flick that combines the two to this degree is the (relatively) recent horror-comedy Deathgasm. I say more horror-metal flicks! Or should we call it Metal-Horror? Yeah, that’s a much more metal title.

It only makes sense that someone, somewhere would take the idea of “What if Ozzy Osbourne really was evil and came back from the dead (you know, if he had passed away during his heyday) to torment a loner fan?” Great premise for a movie!

And Trick or Treat delivers on the promise of this premise in spades. Sammi Curr is an epic hybrid of the best of the best metal frontmen and his resurrection via speaker is one of the great horror birthing scenes I have seen in all my years.

Add to that the film feels like a lost entry in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. More specifically the film feels like it would fit snugly in between two of my favorite entries in that series, Dream Warriors and The Dream Master.

This movie is 80’s as all f*ck and I loved every minute of it.

And speaking of how this film brought other minor classics to the forefront of my brain, let’s talk about the film’s central villain, Sammi Curr. This guy looks like he could share an epic horror band with the likes of Mary Lou from Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II and the Drill Killer rocker from Slumber Party Massacre Part II.

Picture that band for a moment and tell me they aren’t currently playing the most epic set in Hell as we speak. I say let’s see an Avengers-style series of films based on these minor horror icons sharing the stage and touring the country’s high school proms!

In the end Trick or Treat has more than it’s fair share of issues. Sammi Curr doesn’t enter the film until much too late and is dispatched way too easily. Water? Really? That’s it?

That said, the film is still a blast as director Charles Martin Smith keeps the movie rocking like an 80’s music video with highlights being Sammi’s rock show massacre at the prom and his final assault on our hero teens in the family bathroom.

Rockstar lighting for days.

Even though the film has issues (zero blood, a rushed ending) none of that mattered much to this horror hound as the film was filled to the brim with striking horror/metal imagery and a killer soundtrack via Fastway and composer Christopher Young.

Plus you’ve got to love the cameos by Gene Simmons (boy, his character just dropped right out of the movie, huh?) and Ozzy Osbourne as a mad-as-hell Preacher that isn’t going to take any more of this devil music. P.S. Watch for the post-credits tag.

More than a few of my closest horror buddies have this film placed high on their annual Halloween must-watch lists. And after (finally) viewing the film for myself, I think I just may have to add the film to mine as well. Preferably on VHS.

Trick or Treat is an 80’s horror classic. If you dig films like Popcornand if you put the film off like I did, remedy that tonight and slap a copy in the old VHS/DVD player.

Just don’t play it backward… God knows what could happen.

All said and done, I enjoyed the hell out of my first viewing of Trick or Treat. But what do YOU think of the film? Make sure to hit us up and let us know below or on social media!

Now bring on Trick or Treat 2: The Prom Band from Hell, featuring Sammi Curr, Mary Lou Maloney, and Atanas Ilitch’s Driller Killer from Slumber Party Massacre Part II!

  • Trick or Treat (1986) 3.5


Charles Martin Smith’s Trick or Treat is a sure-fire Halloween treat for fans of 80’s horror flicks, as well as fans of heavy metal music.

User Rating 3.25 (12 votes)
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