Charlie’s Farm Looks to Dethrone Horror Heavyweights

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Charlie's Farm Looks to Dethrone Horror HeavyweightsFew horror movie killers can rank among the top tier slaughter stars we’ve all come to love, but damn it, they try. Well, guess what, kids? Another is on his way, and one thing is certain: He has the girth to muscle in!

From the Charlie’s Farm Facebook page:

Since the 1970’s the world has been seen the rise of some of the most iconic killers, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Thomas Hewitt (Leatherface). Australia has had its fair share of AMAZING horror films from Patrick, Lake Mungo, Snow Town, Razorback, The Loved Ones, and of course the legend himself “Greg McLean” with Wolf Creek and now Wolf Creek 2 to name only a few.

The problem is Australia has never had a killer with the status of the American killers; Voorhees has had over 160 kills in his career and is hands down one of the most feared killers on the planet.

Independent writer/director Chris Sun wants to change this and challenge these iconic characters with Australia’s newest slasher franchise, Charlie’s Farm.

Charlie Wilson (pictured; played by Nathan Jones – Troy, Conan and Mad Max – Fury Road) is not like any other killer out there, and Charlie’s Farm WILL bring OLD SCHOOL SLASHER FILMS back with a fresh killer to the big screen.

We have award-winning Special FX Artist Steve Boyle on board, and between Steve and Chris they have definitely created a very scary man. “We steered away from the masks, we steered away from that ‘Hills Have Eyes’ look, and MAN, I feel we have nailed it. Let’s not forget how big Nathan Jones is at 7ft; add some AMAZING prosthetics and all of a sudden we have a 7ft Australian Killing machine”

Chris, the producers and Steve have decided that NO images of CHARLIE WILSON will be released until the premiere night. So if you want to see Charlie, best make sure you get tickets when they are available.

We have cast 2 horror greats, Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Devil’s Rejects) and the man himself Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th – Jason Voorhees). We have also cast American super tar TARA REID in the LEAD ROLE and acting alongside her is Australian up-and0coming Scream Queen Allira Jaques.

Set to start shooting in Australia 18th March 2014 and be released around the world June 1st 2015, Charlie’s Farm is sure to get you SLASHER FANS excited.

The artwork below is NOT “Charlie Wilson” in full makeup, it’s Nathan Jones just chilling out with his trophies.

Charlie's Farm

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