Knetter and His Zombies FINALLY Come!

Joe Knetter's Zombie Bukkake (click for larger image)On October 31st Joe Knetter, AKA “The Guru of Grossouts,” will finally release his much talked about novel Zombie Bukkake. Horror fans have been eagerly anticipating its release since it was announced late last year. Joe has this to say about the book:

“Anyone familiar with my work knows how sick and fucked up it is. It’s what I’m known for … that and my great ass tattoo. *laughs* I love to dish out the nastiness and make people squirm. This fucking book though … man … I really went for broke. There are some things in it that just completely repulse me. I doubt you will be seeing it in very many stores, and I’m cool with that. I wrote this book for my underground splatterpunk fans. The people who have dug my other shit will be in for a treat … A sticky wet one.”

Zombie Bukkake is now available for pre-order at Joe’s official site. As a special pre-order bonus you will also receive an 11×17 Zombie Bukkake poster (who wouldn’t want a cum-covered zombie hanging on their wall?) and signed picture.

Details on the book are below. There is also an excerpt posted on his site that is … uh … for readers 18+ only.

Foley is a happily married, loving husband and a great father to a young daughter. He only has one small vice that he keeps hidden from all that know him … pornography. While surfing through some porn sites he comes across an ad for a movie being filmed in his hometown. The film is titled Goth Bukkake and it’s being filmed in a cemetery a few miles from his house. While he would never dream of cheating on his wife he begins to wonder what really constitutes cheating. Surely it isn’t cheating if you don’t actually touch the other person. He is dead wrong.

Zombie Bukkake follows Foley on a journey to hell where not only does he have to deal with his own guilt, but he also encounters hordes of zombies, a cannibal cult that has been waiting for the day the dead arise, and countless others along the way.

At the end you will find yourself asking one question:

Are you dying to get off?

Keep it right here for more details about Zombie Bukkake as they … er … come. In the interim make sure you check out Joe’s Dread Central feature, Knetter’s Monthly Blood!

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