Go Inside the Making of The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Episode 4.08 – Too Far Gone

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Go Inside the Making of The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Episode 4.08 - Too Far GoneWe said good-bye to several people in last night’s mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead,” Episode 4.08, entitled “Too Far Gone”; and now its time to pay homage with these behind-the-scenes and making-of videos and tributes.

“The Walking Dead” Season 4 returns February 9, 2014. Look for some sneak peeks soon.

“The Walking Dead” Episode 4.08 – “Too Far Gone” (aired 12/1/13)
Just when everything started to calm down at the prison, Rick and his group now face imminent danger and destruction. This time, they might not win.

Written by Seth Hoffman and directed by Ernest Dickerson.

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Debi Moore

I'll see you on the other side...


    While i’m lovin TWD’s 4th season i was a little underwhelmed by the midseason finale . I wanted to see an epic battle between Rick & the Governor what we got was almost a total one sided beatdown with Rick being pummeled almost to death and the Gov’s send off should have been far more brutal especially after he ginsued Hershel, (i’ll miss him) not to be taken out by Lilly of all characters. i agree he should have been torn to shreds like Rhodes from DoD or maybe michonne could have lopped off his arms and lower jaw to be her new pet that would have been sweet. Still a great show (IMO) it’s easy for us to brainstorm and see how things could be better, cant wait to see what goes down in Feb.

    • Sirand

      In the comic, there was no showdown at all. Half the good guys get massacred and Lily shoots the Governor in the back of the head.

      • Uncle Creepy

        Exactly. It’s becoming en vogue now to hate The Walking Dead. Probably because it became so popular. Same thing happened with Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, etc.

        • LSD Zombie

          I hate The Walking Dead because there’s been a steady decline in quality ever since the end of Season 2. Not because it’s popular. Anyone who doesn’t notice the decrease in the show’s budget needs to have their eyes checked. I see more and more dirty faced zombies with each episode; and the cool gore gags are becoming less frequent.

          If I’m not getting the cool zombie make-ups and gore gags, all I’m left with is a cast of mopey characters.

        • Chernobyl Kinsman

          Or it could be because the writing took a dip in quality, the show was always pretty popular wasn’t it?

        • Matt Serafini

          It’s en vogue to hate TWD because this season was absolute shit (with the exception of this week’s).

          Season 3’s lack of resolution really hurt the narrative, and this entire season has been one weird combination of damage control and wheel-spinning.

          But it’s also the season where the writers stopping giving a fuck. The Governor is free to kill people in broad daylight without arousing any suspicion, Rick “I’m done making important decisions” Grimes makes the important decision to exile Carol, and people are silently killed by zombies on a completely suburban street while a flu decimates faceless stock characters by the dozen.

          In any case, now that the Governor is done holding the show hostage, maybe it can recover.

          • LSD Zombie

            I’m starting to agree with the guy that wrote that Bad-Ass Digest article about Rick and Shane swapping fates. A face-off between Shane and The Governor would’ve been awesome.

          • Matt Serafini

            I like Andrew Lincoln. He just had the misfortune of getting nailed with a miserable role this season, but he’s still a good actor and manages some great little character moments along the way.

            And I thought his speech to the Governor was excellent. The strongest emotional reaction I’ve had to the show in…probably ever.

          • Uncle Creepy

            “But it’s also the season where the writers stopping giving a fuck.”

            Anyone who touts the last Season of Dexter as being good and or satisfying has forever given up their chance to complain about bad writing.


          • Matt Serafini

            Says the guy who tweets to Howie Mandel regarding AGT.


          • Uncle Creepy

            If you recall I tweeted to Howard Stern regarding the stupidity of Howie Mandel. See? I still win.


            Also Eternal LOL @ Mandel-related internet angst BTW.

          • Matt Serafini

            You’re right. My bad.

            That said, I guess Dexter just needed a few gory zombie scenes to make someone willing to look the other way regarding bad writing. 😉

          • kiddcapone

            No gory zombie scenes needed, just a more logical conclusion than Dexter faking his own death by driving headfirst into a hurricane in the middle of the ocean and then abandoning the murderous woman he loves in Argentina with his 4 year old child that he raised since birth so he could live out the remainder of his life as a hermit lumberjack.

            Even the worst writing decisions on The Walking Dead can’t touch that.

          • Uncle Creepy

            ^ This. Also #LumberjackApproved #BlindedByStrahovski

          • Matt Serafini

            If that were true, I’d be lining up for I, FRANKENSTEIN now. 😉

          • Uncle Creepy

            Wait… you’re not? LOL

  • kiddcapone

    If you’re not a fan and didn’t enjoy this last episode, then just stop watching forever and never look back. There’s something seriously wrong with you.

    • frank_dracman

      It was a good episode, though more than a little contrived in parts. With the most interesting character gone, I’m not chomping at the bit for the next season. If I remember to watch it I will, but this would be a fine end to an occasionally good series.

    • LSD Zombie

      You seem so insecure about people not liking the show. As for me, I felt absolutely nothing during last night’s episode. No excitement, no sadness, nothing. It doesn’t help that I knew exactly what was going to happen at every turn. Now that the best character is gone, I’m undecided as to whether or not I’m going to continue to watch the show.

      They didn’t even have the zombies tear The Governor to pieces; which he so rightly deserved.

      • kiddcapone

        Yeah, cause if anything, I’m always insecure about my opinion and care deeply what others think.

        I’m just amazed, especially reading everyone’s posts on other films and shows that impress people, and then read ridiculous complains about TWD. It’s an adult horror television show, with excellent acting, mature content, interesting characters, and buckets of carnage.

        And the ironic part is, I’m a guy that doesn’t care much for the zombie subgenre and personally think Romero’s films suck, yet I’m highly entertained by TWD.

        And really? Zombies tear The Governor to pieces? Seems like a rather cliché ending for the villain coming from a person who sees exactly what is going to happen at every turn. But I guess that’s why Kirkman writes for a successful comic and #1 show and you write clever ideas on an internet horror comments section.

        • LSD Zombie

          So you thought that The Governor’s fate was satisfying? Stabbed once in the chest and then shot in the head? For such a foul bastard of a character, that’s not a bad way to go considering the alternative. They could have at least sliced him down the center or something. After all, gore is part of the fun, right?

          • kiddcapone

            Much more satisfying than in the comic.

            It’s still a show based in reality. I didn’t expect The Governor to die a cheeseball death like a Crowley killing from Hatchet.

            Michonne said she would kill him and she thought she did. She’s not a psychopath. I believe she WAS going to let the zombies tear him apart but Lily stepped in and finished him off. A nod to the comic ending. If it wasn’t for him manipulating her and the camp, everyone would still be alive. So he still got what was coming.

        • Chernobyl Kinsman

          If you don’t care what people think of your opinion, why bother voicing it?

  • MonsterMash

    No Walking Dead for me. I don’t care for it, but it is nice to see a zombie show get so much attention. Then again, I don’t care much for TV anymore….

  • Chernobyl Kinsman

    I quite enjoyed the chaos, was a bit puzzled as to why they kept blowing holes in the prison with the tank, seemed *really* obviously not what you’d do when you wanted to live there. Also, worst mother in zombie apocalypse ever. Well, since Lori died anyway.

    • frank_dracman

      Thank you. The Governor would have destroyed the camp out of anger, but the dude in the tank? He had absolutely no reason to wreck the place. All the people were on the ground, not up in the prison where they were firing. Yeah it looked cool, but made zero fucking sense.

      Don’t get me started on the whole mud zombie thing. Jesus Christ…

    • LSD Zombie

      I’m not an expert when it comes to military vehicles, but you’d think that tank shells have enough power behind them to do more than just make holes. Shouldn’t they have taken out entire walls? It seems like the tank should have been able to cause more devastation.