Exclusive Set Report and Image Gallery from Buddy Giovinazzo's Ginger

Long known as a method actor, Senter stated of the nuances with which he imbued his character, “There are scenes that I play with my voice a little higher, and also, I stole a piece my outfit from the director,” he laughed, gesturing to Giovinazzo’s ensemble. “Look how I buttoned my shirt. Only two times, so I took that from him, but we both have pieces of this character in us, and it was a combination of them. Buddy’s a total artiste and very dedicated to his work and very nice, sweet, and genuine; and so the second I met him, I knew that elements of him were to an extent part of the character of ‘Mark’ and that I’d use some of that to inform my character. With all the other stuff, I was just really reminiscent of those Johnny Depp films like Sleepy Hollow, where it’s like he’s scared of everything, and that’s interesting to me, so I just kind of played it like he was very shy and nervous and sweet so that at the very end, where I turn into...

Senter ended it there, teasing the scripted third act as well as another project he’s attached to.

I’m working with Darren Lynn Bousman in kind of a ‘goth-opera’ project that he’s planned, which will be challenging ‘cause I’d have to sing,” said Senter. (Writer’s note: The producers of that project are being a bit cagey regarding casting announcements regardless that many have already hit the web courtesy of tweets from the cast so you’ll have to wait for the full skinny on Senter’s outrageous character in that project. Savvy readers and Repo! The Genetic Opera fans will, however, undoubtedly connect the dots: the project is The Devil’s Carnival, and it additionally stars Bill Moseley and Briana Evigan and, as we reported earlier this week, Alexa Vega, Skinny Puppy’s Ogre, Emilie Autumn, and Sean Patrick Flanery).

Elissa Dowling, Exclusive Set Report and Image Gallery from Buddy Giovinazzo's GingerWith Senter hailed away for a take, lead actress Elissa Dowling (who portrays the flick’s titular ‘Ginger’) chatted with me in her trailer regarding her involvement in the project, and while true I’ve known her for some time, her continued knack for self-deprecating humility coupled with her geek-girl enthusiasm (she’s a self-professed Mothra fan after all) proved as enjoyable as it has historically.

On what attracted Dowling to the role (the burgeoning scream queen’s previously appeared in dozens of indie horror films, including Giovinazzo’s The Theatre Bizarre), “Everything, but mostly it was the music,” replied the actress. “She’s a musician in the script, and because of that I get to sing, and I’ve been (personally) doing that on the side. I’m in a band called The Blues now, and we’ve been playing The Key Club pretty much every month and The Whiskey, and my heart’s in music so that was great. Plus Buddy himself is great so I was really stoked to be able to work with him. With this role I get to showcase some things I don’t normally get to.”

Case in point?

My guitar player actually came in the other night and played a song (in the film) because I can’t play guitar,” offered Dowling, “and I kind of finished it on camera so hopefully it looks real! I mean, I know how to hold a guitar because I took six years of lessons, but I’m not as skilled as he is.” (Writer’s note: An original musical composition written and recorded by the actress and songstress entitled "Night of Nightmares" is set to appear in Ginger, with a possibility for another).

Of the challenges inherent to the location shoot, “It’s been the long nights,” said Dowling, “and my sleeping schedule has been crazy. You get to the point where it’s hard to process things. Buddy is very specific about what he wants and wants to get it before we move on to the next thing, and I don’t want to hold anyone back so it’s about maintaining that focus even when tired.

The physicality, too, according to the actress proved happily challenging.

I’ve choked on blood a couple times and had bite marks on my thighs, but it’s been nothing major,” Dowling stated, “but we did a lot of action when Jason London (Dazed and Confused) was on set. I haven’t done action like that before so I was a little intimidated because Jason and Marc are like pros. They did the majority of it, though, and we were making zombie porn jokes about it because there was a lot of grunting and groaning going on during, and Jason was in full-on bloody makeup.