The Walking Dead: Go Inside Episode 4.06 – Live Bait; Sneak Peek of Episode 4.07 – Dead Weight

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The Walking Dead: Go Inside Episode 4.06 - Live Bait; Sneak Peek of Episode 4.07 - Dead WeightWe learned a lot about the whereabouts of a certain one-eyed villain in last night’s episode of the hit AMC series “The Walking Dead,” and right now you can take a look inside Episode 4.06 and also a peek ahead at what’s next.

On tap right now we have an inside, behind-the-scenes look at the mayhem that went down in Episode 4.06, “Live Bat,” along with a sneak peek of what’s ahead next Sunday night in Episode 4.07, “Dead Weight.”

Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, “The Walking Dead” stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Scott Wilson, Melissa McBride, David Morrissey, Emily Kinney, Danai Gurira, Chad Coleman, and Sonequa Martin-Green. The series is executive produced by Scott M. Gimple, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert, Tom Luse, and Greg Nicotero.

“The Walking Dead” Episode 4.06 – “Live Bait” (aired 11/17/13)
A familiar face returns as each member of the group struggles to find his or her humanity in a world of constant threats. Written by Nichole Beattie and directed by Michael Uppendahl.

“The Walking Dead” Episode 4.07 – “Dead Weight” (airs 11/24/13)
A new and scary chapter is unfolding at a camp outside the prison. Will peace be attainable with the addition of new members? Written by Curtis Gwinn and directed by Jeremy Podeswa.

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The Walking Dead Episode 4.07 - Dead Weight

The Walking Dead Episode 4.07 - Dead Weight

The Walking Dead Season 4 on AMC TV

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Steve Barton

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    While i appreciate layers to a character arc i just think humanizing hobo Plissken, i mean the governor at this point falls mute to me he’s a douche bag that needs to be dispatched asap . I highly doubt he will be seeking refuge at the prison i cant see them welcoming him in and singing Clementine around the camp fire.

    • kiddcapone

      I’m not saying they will welcome him in. I’m saying it would be an interesting dilemma if they are forced towards the prison escaping a zombie hoard or running from Martinez’s new crew and Rick and the gang must decide if they should save the Governor by opening the gates or allow two innocent women and a small child to also die in the process just to exact revenge, especially after Rick just sent Carol packing for killing two innocent people.

  • kiddcapone

    I think this episode proves, contrary to what was said in a different conversation, each character definitely has distinct personality traits. They are not simple caricatures.

    While I do believe the Governor is beyond redemption at this point, I think it just goes to show you the levels one person can go when they live in a world without repercussions. The governor lived a typical average boring existence until the zombie apocalypse allowed him to tap into the dark side of his personality that would otherwise be suppressed.

    The governor is simply not some evil one dimensional comic book villain. He was once a loving father, husband, and civilized member of society. But with power, he descended further and further into madness until hitting rock bottom and forced to reflect on the person he became.

    Just think of the possibility of The Governor showing up at the prison because he feels like it’s his only chance to keep the new family safe?

  • Matt Serafini

    I actually really liked this episode.

    I’m much more interested in finding out what happens to the Governor than, say, that asinine flu subplot that has brought this season to a dead stop.

    David Morrissey turned in a great performance and while I’m not sure I have faith in the show to bring this new storyline to a believable or satisfying close, it forced its audience to consider the Governor in a complicated light.

    You don’t have a black and white villain to hate, and I like that a lot.



    I’ve been a big supporter of WD but last nights episode has me at a loss they totally went off the track (IMO). The governor is supposed to be a despicable character totally changing his character dynamic showing him having remorse and caring for others(Penny 2.0) just seemed to go away from what they’ve established him to be. This is the guy that had the head aquarium, tortured people and mowed down half of Woodbury. I just dont get where they are going with that i’m guessing his new found good nature wont last and those around him fates will end horribly. I think the governor is beyond redemption at this point, are we supposed to be sympathetic to his character? I guess chicks dig it though he hooked up again with Becky 2.0 ,he’s the man!!!

    • Debi Moore

      Yeah, I really don’t want to be feeling sympathy for the Governor. I read the comics – I know what an SOB he really is. But the powers-that-be have said this season is all about “can you come back?” from the horrible deeds you’ve done so I suppose they’re exploring that with his character as well. The short answer: NO!

      • LSD Zombie

        I wish they had decided from the get-go to make it difficult for viewers to root for either The Governor or Rick. At this point though, caring for a little girl and helping a sick man doesn’t eliminate the fact that he threatened Maggie with rape; amongst many other terrible things.

        Having said that though, I must admit that last night’s episode was really good. David Morrissey is a helluva lot more interesting to watch than Andrew Lincoln.

        • Chernobyl Kinsman

          To be fair, Andrew hasn’t been given much to work with, I mean.. wtf are they doing with the prison? Its just fucking terrible. I’m pretty much just watching the show for the excellent practical effects at this stage, which is sad because I really enjoyed it up till the tail end of last season, occasional slow bits and horrible squandering of characters aside.

          This episode was just cheap save (feed? =P) the cat bullshit.