Anna Fricke and Jeremy Carver Talk Being Human Season 2 (Part Two)

Anna Fricke and Jeremy Carver Talk Being Human Season 2 (Part Two)Q: With the introduction of the mother and daughter storyline, does that mean we're going to be locked in Boston for the whole season, or are we going to get out more this year?

Jeremy Carver: I don't know that…well, let me think. Let me unpack that question for a second. In the general sense, yes, we are mostly in Boston as our setting this year. There's no packing the family roadster and going to Orlando for an episode.

Anna Fricke: But we do see different places in flashbacks and like that.

Jeremy Carver: Yes, we're largely in and around Boston again, and I think this year a lot of the departure from Boston proper would be, as Anna was hinting at, that we have a large number of flashbacks that pretty much span the globe in terms of where they take us. So that's one of the ways that we sort of broaden the scope of the places we're visiting this year, through the past.

Q: Earlier last season we met Josh's sister, Emily, and she was the only gay character on the show. So I was wondering if this season we're going to see more diversity in terms of race and sexuality.

Anna Fricke: Yes, actually, we are trying to make a point of that, and one thing - and this is a small thing - we wanted to sort of make a point about is that even in the vampire feeding world, men aren't always feeding off of women and women feeding off of men. We wanted to mix that up a little bit more and show that it's a free-for-all. There definitely is more diversity...

Jeremy Carver: And we can look forward to Emily making a return.

Anna Fricke: Yes, Emily is also coming back.

Jeremy Carver: But in terms of additional gay or lesbian characters, I'm blanking on if there's more or we just continue… What do you think?

Anna Fricke: No, I don't think there are.

Jeremy Carver: I don't think we specifically identify anyone new as gay or lesbian this season.

Q: So how do you find the right mix of drama, comedy, sci-fi and what level of darkness to use when working on this? And do you have a favorite type of thing to write?

Anna Fricke: I think a lot of that comes from our writing staff; we have a great mix. And our favorite type of show is something like "Friday Night Lights" or early seasons of "Rescue Me" - you know, [when] you're telling serious stories with a heartbreaking quality that have real humanity and humor infused. That's the kind of storytelling we love - dark comedy I think is what we are the most comfortable with. And that's the kind of voice we look for in our writers, who are all wildly talented, and that's what we look for when we're going over the script. Any time we have a really intense scene, we try to put in an inappropriate joke… you know, gallows humor.

Jeremy Carver: Both of us are just enormous fans of wild swings, frankly sometimes wildly inappropriate swings, between humor and a true sort of pain, and I would go further to say that for me I think the best humor springs from pain. So I think the core of the show are three characters who are in pain when you strip it all away because they are all what they don't want to necessarily be. So when you start with that as your touchstone, I think it's a little bit easier to find that mix. But it's something that we are ever vigilant about maintaining because it's just to us what strikes the most natural tone for our show.

Q: You said that most of the season takes place in Boston. Do you guys ever actually film around Boston, or is it all in Canada?

Anna Fricke: We did do some pickup shots and some footage in Boston. Last year we were able to get a little side crew up there - down there rather. But no, we mostly are filming in Montreal. We try to get to Boston if and when we can, just for some establishing shots and stuff like that, but we have to stay around Montreal.

Q: Can you talk a bit about the group of werewolves we've seen in the promos that are kind of "want-to-be werewolves rather than human" and how they're going to affect Josh?

Anna Fricke: We thought it would be interesting [since] Josh is so set on being human and curing the werewolf curse to explore the idea of monsters who don't view themselves as monsters. Basically, these werewolves see being a werewolf as their natural state, and they feel more comfortable in that way. And we sort of likened it to transgender people who really, firmly believe that they should have been born a different way and they're just trying to make that transition. That's kind of how we approached those characters. We just wanted to show a different point of view than the one that Josh has, which is, "I'm cursed, I hate it, I just want to be human." We wanted to show the opposite side of that spectrum. Someone who actually feels trapped in their human body.

Q: I just wanted to ask, because I really like them, who comes up with the episode titles?

Jeremy Carver: We all do.

Anna Fricke: Yes, all the writers do. It's a pretty equal opportunity. We vote. So I'm glad you like them.

Our thanks to Anna and Jeremy for their time! Be sure to tune in to the Season 2 return of "Being Human" on Syfy next Monday, January 16th.

In "Being Human" leading normal lives is a lot harder than it looks for three roommates – vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer), ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath), and werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) – who share their secrets and a Boston brownstone. The Season 2 action picks up nearly a month after last season’s explosive finale as the three continue to struggle with their supernatural double lives and discover that temptation truly is a beast!

Executive Producers are Michael Prupas, Adam Kane, Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke (both of whom are also writers/showrunners), Rob Pursey, and Toby Whithouse. Irene Litinsky is Producer.

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