Twice the Fright for Feast Duo

FeastMan, some people just never learn, do they? Despite seeing what became of their first writing project for the company, the duo behind Feast have just sold off another pair of scripts to Dimension Films, according to Variety.

Specifically they are Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, winners of the script-writing side of the last “Project Greenlight” contest and witnesses to the horrible way Dimension treated the only film to come out of the contest that was any good, Feast, namely with a two-night midnight movie run before a DVD dump next month.

Despite all that, The Weinstein Co. has nabbed two more scripts from the team: Midnight Man and The Neighbor. Dunstan is on board to direct the first of the pair, which is about a man who breaks into the home of his employer only to find out that his entire family has been kidnapped by a masked killer who has rigged the house with deadly traps.

Though I’d like to feel happy for the guys (I mean the cash has got to be a good thing if nothing else), it sure would be nice to see their stuff in the hands of a studio who actually gave a shit about horror. Time will tell what becomes of both. Here’s hoping they pull some strings and get John Gulager to direct the second film; the man needs more work!

Johnny Butane

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