The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.04 – Indifference

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The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.04 - IndifferenceWow, after the bombshell from Carol last week, we had no idea where this show would be heading to next. Who knew a simple “Yes” could have such an impact? Talk about an evolution of character! Episode 4.04 “Indifference” was written by Matt Negrete and directed by Tricia Brock.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap with specific details from this episode. Continue only if you have already watched it.

While Rick was prepping for a food and medicine run, Carol went to see a hopeful Lizzy. At the same time, Rick was imagining how Carol killed the sickly Karen, dragged her body out to the yard and burned the corpses. Carol urged Lizzy to protect herself and her sister and not be afraid to kill. When Rick found a knife missing from a set, we found that Carol had given it to Lizzy. When Lizzy accidentally called Carol mom, she scolded Lizzy to not call her that again. Carol also showed Lizzy how not to be afraid and fight through the fear. “And then one day, you just change. We all change.” Was that what happened to Carol?

When we came back from commercial break, Tyreese washed the blood and guts off his shirt while the others planned their next steps.

Rick and Carol drove without talking for a while. Carol described why she did what she did. “I had to try. Somebody had to,” said Carol. Rick was skeptical but kept mostly quiet.

During the search in the woods, Daryl continue to give Michonne a hard time for not staying with the group.

Rick and Carol parked in a suburban neighborhood and started their search for medicine and food.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.04 - Indifference - Rick & Carol

Daryl and the group found an abandoned car and tried to hot-wire it but they needed a new battery. They then tried to clear the overgrowth off a building with Tyreese taking out his frustration while clearing a path. And then they were attacked by walkers reaching out at them. With Michonne’s katana action, they mostly got rid of these walkers but at one point, Tyreese refused to let go of his attacking walker. Why did he not let go, Michonne asked.

Rick and Carol entered an abandoned house. As they started to explore, Carol heard a walker coming down from upstairs. When the walker tripped and fell down the stairs, Rick pulled Carol to safety. After getting her bearings back, Carol promptly knifed the fallen walker in the brain while Rick observed. More sounds came from upstairs and Rick readied his gun as the upstairs door creaked open and a couple of humans came out offering them fruit.

The two people, Sam and Ana, were in the greenhouse nearby that had fruit before they were chased here by the walkers. When Sam complained about his dislocated shoulder, Carol took the reins to reset his shoulder. Rick observed from the back and was impressed by Carol’s taking charge.

Daryl and Bob found a car battery while Tyreese and Michonne continue to clear the fallen tree from the car. Michonne lectured him about anger. “Anger makes you stupid.” She was angry about the Governor but not any longer, although she still couldn’t explain why she kept going after him.

While Rick and Carol were cleaning up the house of food and medicine, Sam and Ana wanted to join them back at the prison. They wanted to help and Carol suggested they scope out the neighborhood for more supplies even though while Rick was apprehensive about it, he finally agreed.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.04 - Indifference - Daryl & Tyreese

Watching Daryl fixing the car, Bob confessed his guilt about causing the accident at the Big Spot supermarket when Zack got killed. He had a drinking problem and tried to stop himself with the bottle when the shelf came down, causing the mayhem. After getting the car to start, Daryl then told Bob that what happened at the supermarket was an accident and wasn’t anyone’s fault.

Raiding another house’s medicine cabinet, Rick asked Carol if they did the right thing to let Sam and Ana join them. Carol was hopeful about them. Then Carol confronted Rick to talk about what she did. While Rick was more driven by morals, Carol was more pragmatic. “You don’t have to like what I did, Rick, I don’t. You just accept it.” Wow, Melissa McBride is killing it this episode as Carol!

Daryl and the group got to the veterinarian school and started their search inside.

When Rick asked Carol how she knew how to reset a dislocated shoulder, she said she learned it herself online so she could fix herself up when she was a battered wife. Picking tomatoes, they talked about their losses. She had accepted Sophia’s death while Rick talked about still expecting Lori to be there in the morning next to him. Another powerful scene by Carol and Rick.

Then they came upon Ana’s body being devoured by walkers. Carol just accepted it and suggested they go find Sam.

After collecting everything they came for, Daryl and the group started to leave when they were chased by walkers.

Back at the first house, Rick and Carol waited for Sam. Though Rick wanted to wait a little longer, Carol knew they couldn’t wait any longer and they had to go. “It was a nice watch,” she said, about the timepiece Rick had given Sam when they parted.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.04 - Indifference - Rick

The group at the school continued to fight their way out when Bob fell and got his pack grabbed by the walkers. When he refused to let go, the group helped to rescue him and his pack. That was when they saw the alcohol inside. “It’s for when it gets quiet,” said Bob. Daryl would have none of that but let Bob keep the alcohol, and they marched off.

After packing up the car, Rick finally confronted Carol. That exchange, while not intense, sure packed a wallop. Recapping it would not do it justice. Go watch it. At the end, Rick dropped Carol’s pack on the ground.

Michonne took over driving the group back and agreed with Daryl, she didn’t need to go looking for the Governor anymore. He approved.

Rick helped Carol pack her own car and she gave him her watch before she drove off on her own.

Wow, is that the end of Carol? Melissa McBride is definitely the performer of the week in this episode.

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