Poster, Release for Devil’s Den

Devil's Den posterIt’s weird how some flicks get made and just continually stay under the radar no matter how many attempts to get more info about them aer made. Such is the case with Jeff Burr’s Devils’ Dean, a film which starts Devon Sawa, Ken Foree, Kelly Hu, and Dawn Oliveri.

UHM just got its hands on the poster art for the film, which you see to the right, as well as the news that the film will likely air on Starz sometime next year before it makes its DVD debut in March. The flick is about some Spanish Fly smugglers who decide to test their wares on the girls of the titular strip club, but unfortunately all the girls who work there are demonic monstrosities. That always sucks.

For more info on the film, including an interview with Sawa and writer Mitch Gould, be sure to hit the UHM link above.

Johnny Butane

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