Brian Yuzna Developing Society Sequel

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Brian Yuzna Developing Society SequelWith Texas Chainsaw 3D and the just announced Army of Darkness 2, it seems like it’s becoming a trend within the genre to make sequels to fan-favorite flicks that came out decades prior.

It’s a trend I wholeheartedly support, and it looks like another decades-later sequel is soon headed our way.

In an interview with UK’s Horror Channel, Brian Yuzna revealed that he’s currently developing a sequel to his 1989 cult classic Society, about a secret group of people who possess bizarre shape-shifting abilities. “I am working on it,” he told the website. “Once again it is all about the financing.”

Yuzna also talked plot details for the film he hopes to make. “My idea for a sequel is to have it take place in these super exclusive late night clubs that they have in Hollywood,” he said. “Once you get in there is always a VIP room or a VVIP room that is off limits…”

Without funding, Yuzna’s idea is just that – an idea. We’ll have to wait and see if anything ever comes of it.


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John Squires

I have a beard. And three cats.

  • Foywonder

    Sure, we can get a sequel to this but still no PHANTOM OF THE MALL 2: ERIC’S RETURN.

    • Chernobyl Kinsman

      This time it isn’t just some retard in a broken hockey mask.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    I’ve never seen this film; can’t even find it on decently priced DVD. is it worth it? the only thing i’ve heard people mention is some flesh orgy blood bath thing at the very end.