The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.03 – Isolation

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The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.03 - IsolationAfter Tyreese’s devastating discovery at the end of the last episode of “The Walking Dead,” the group tried to regroup to decide what to do next. Tonight’s Episode 4.03, “Isolation” was written by Robert Kirkman and directed by Dan Sackheim.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap with specific details from this episode. Continue only if you have already watched it.

Glenn and Maggie and a few other people dug graves in the field while the doctor and Hershel examined a recently deceased patient. The doctor got his knife ready for the patient to turn. Back in the yard, Rick, Tyreese, Daryl and Carol stood over the still smoldering burnt corpses. Tyreese was understandably upset about Karen’s death. The group tried to calm Tyreese, who started beating on Rick. Rick reacted and beat Tyreese into a bloody pulp. This is not the Rick we know and love!

Opening credits roll.

Hershel cleaned Rick’s cuts from the fight and compared Rick’s actions to falling off the wagon. He tried to get Rick to join the next council meeting but Rick still resisted. Rick is still haunted by the responsibilities he has had to bear all this time.

Outside, Tyreese worked off his aggression by digging graves and refused to stop until the bodies were buried. The new guy, Bob Stookey, joined him to help.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.03 - Isolation - Carol

Glenn voiced his worries about the sickness to Hershel when Sasha came out staggering and coughing. When Hershel tried to help her, she waved him and Glenn away. Composing herself, she was going to see Doctor S. She was going to be all right, she announced, even though she didn’t believe it herself. Hershel and Glenn could only watch her. Feverishly, she went inside looking for the doctor and passed other sickly patients. As she called for the doctor, a walker tried to grab her but luckily it was restrained by the cell bars. Nonplussed, she turned away, and Doctor S came out wanting to tell everyone that something was starting.

At the council meeting, Hershel briefed the members on the sickness’ progression. While Hershel talked, Glenn started to feel a little under the weather. Hershel described an isolation procedure for cell block A. There’s no stopping the sickness. Once infected, the patients need to fight through it. The sickness didn’t kill, the symptoms did, and they needed antibiotics. Hershel brought up the veterinary college nearby as the place to go since most people wouldn’t raid the place and the drugs they needed are the same as for animals.

Loved Michonne’s answer about risking getting the sickness from Daryl: “He’s already given me fleas.”

Daryl discouraged Hershel from joining them since they’d probably end up running, so he decided to draw a map instead. Hershel wanted to activate his isolation plan.

Carol and Rick tried to work the water pump but without success. They had to venture outside for the fix, and Rick said to wait until tomorrow.

Tyreese finally buried Karen and the other burnt corpse, David. Rick was there to apologize. All Tyreese wanted then was to find the culprit. Tyreese is worried about the killer cleaning up the sick, especially now that Sasha was sick. Tyreese was definitely not happy about the pacifist Rick.

Carl was unhappily packing for his isolation, including his gun. What if he had to kill the dead? Rick had no answer.

Maggie found Glenn in their cell but he waved her away. Glenn was sick.

When we came back from commercial break, Daryl and Michonne were prepping the car for their trip. They needed a couple more people to join them. Who else wasn’t sick?

Daryl found Tyreese standing watch over the isolated sick including Sasha. Daryl tried to convinced Tyreese to go with them for the medication.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.03 - Isolation - Sasha

Carl found Hershel trying to sneak out into the woods. Carl insisted on going with Hershel.

Carol was overseeing the sick moving into isolation when Lizzie came up to her. Lizzie wasn’t feeling well either and Carol had to send the scared Lizzie inside. Pool Carol.

Maggie was talking to Beth through a closed door. Maggie was worried about Glenn’s sickness but Beth helped calmed her.

Outside in the woods, Carl stood watch vigilantly while Hershel collected herbs and plants. Carl found a campground and they went to investigate and came across a walker crushed by a tree branch. They another walker with a bear trap came upon them slowly. Hershel convinced Carl to not shoot it and they walked back.

Tyreese urged the sick Sasha to think positively even though she was suffering. She felt better when Tyreese told her about medication at the veterinary college. Tyreese realized what he had to do now. Daryl was happy to see Tyreese joining them.

While getting water, Carol got startled by Tyreese. He asked her to look in on Sasha and she agreed. Carol was frustrated about the situation and knocked over whatever water they had left.

Maggie yelled at her father for leaving the quarantine area. He wanted to bring the elderberries he found outside to help the symptoms of the sick. When Rick and Maggie urged Hershel to not risk his life, Hershel launched into his effective monologue. “The only thing you can choose is what you’re risking [your life] for.” It made me tear up when Maggie opened the door for him.

Still talking through the door, Beth told Maggie that their father had left their area. Maggie pretended not to know but Beth already knew what Hershel was up to. “We don’t get to get upset,” she said.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.03 - Isolation - Rick

Rick investigated the burn area and the blood trails and tried to understand what happened.

Outside the fence, Carol tried to work on the water hose while walkers milled around her. Rick spotted Carol and saw the walkers heading her way and ran to her. Carol kept working on the water hose with the walkers getting close. At the last moment she finished work and tried to fight her way back inside with an assist from Rick, who finally fired his gun.

In the car on the way to the veterinary college, Daryl told Michonne he would’ve gone with her to look for the Governor, and she acknowledged him with the slightest head turn. Driving the car, Daryl fiddled with the radio dials and heard some faint voices. Distracted, he did not see some walkers on the road. After hitting a couple, he stopped the car and walkers started to descend upon them. The camera panned out, and we saw throngs of walkers coming at them and away from a large building in the horizon.

Daryl backed up the car, knocking over many walkers and getting the back wheels jammed in their bodies. They had to abandon the car and fight their way to the clearing. Meanwhile Tyreese was immobile inside the car with the walkers encroaching. Something finally clicked and he ran out with his hammer blazing. Pounding walkers with his hammer, he distracted them while allowing the others to escape.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.03 - Isolation - Daryl & Michonne

Fighting their way through the woods and dispatching walkers, the three of them finally came to a clearing. As Daryl got ready to shoot the walkers coming at them, Tyreese showed up behind the walkers (yay!) and took them out. Tyreese was exhausted from the killing but the rest of them helped him away.

Hershel served his remedy to Doctor S, who coughed all over Hershel in return. Now that Hershel is infected, he took off his mask calmly. Hershel then served some tea to Glenn, who could barely move. “After everything, we just get taken out by a glorified cold,” Glenn miserably said. “We got this far somehow; you can believe somehow,” Hershel replied. Boy, Hershel is the wise old man tonight!

Rick scolded Carol for going out on her own to fix the water pipe and she agreed. He thanked her for all her work and sacrifices and then he asked her if she killed Karen and David. Carol replied yes; they looked at each other and she continued with her work.

Holy crap! What will happen to Carol next? Will Rick share his discovery?

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