Holliston at Rock and Shock, Where is Season 3?

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Holliston at Rock and Shock, Where is Season 3?Fans who attended Rock and Shock 2013 all got another killer weekend. There was just one unsettling occurrence we can’t shake. When asked if he had gotten word about Season 3 of “Holliston” at a standing room only panel presentation, creator Adam Green said he hadn’t.

And that, “Holliston” Nation, is concerning.

To quoth the Green directly when questioned about Season 3, he said, “We don’t expect to hear until the end of the year or early next year, but obviously we’re holding our breath just like many of you are and hope that we get the good word any day now. You gotta keep in mind that FEARnet was originally created to show horror movies, and “Holliston” was only produced because its president, Peter Block, who is a close friend of everyone on this show and who also produced my movie Frozen, had the foresight to air an original show for their network that wasn’t what horror fans would have predicted…it wasn’t an “X-Files” or “Tales From The Crypt” knock off, it was a bona fide sit-com for horror fans. That’s the only reason we’ve gotten these two seasons so far, which, for all of us involved, has been the best time of our lives. You just don’t know in this business what will happen so I don’t have an answer at this time.”


Now there’s no reason to believe that “Holliston” won’t be back for another season. The show has performed and been received remarkably well, but since FEARnet is still a new network, and it was originally created to just show horror movies, there’s always the possibility that money to create original programming could be an issue. Hopefully the good people at FEARnet realize the great love the horror community has for “Holliston” and how Adam Green and the rest of the stars of the show have gone above and beyond to bring “Holliston” to the horror community.

Attending conventions and seeing the impact “Holliston” has on crowds is quite remarkable. Fans seriously turn out to meet Green and co-stars Joe Lynch, Corri English and Laura Ortiz, as well as Dee Snider and Oderus Urungus when available. The lines for the “Holliston” table are consistently as long and steady as those for “The Walking Dead” cast as well as any other iconic horror actor. And a big reason that the line is so consistently long is due to the fact that the horror fanbase appreciates the fact that the cast of “Holliston” always signs and takes pictures with fans for free. They do it to support “Holliston” and to support FEARnet and to give back to the fans that have embraced the show.


In addition to the constant line at their table, fans also flock to the “Holliston” panels as they are far and away the most entertaining at any convention. They go above and beyond the traditional Q&A and actually perform for (and with) the fans. Green will write episodes of “Holliston” specifically tailored to the city they’re in to be performed in front of the live audience. At this year’s Rock and Shock, “Holliston” held ‘mock auditions’ where audience members had a chance to come up on stage and act with the show’s leads. Special guests like Kane Hodder, Tony Todd and Dave Sheridon even joined in and did an improv on stage with select fans out of support for “Holliston”. No other show lends itself to this kind of fan interaction or live performance. The fact that FEARnet chose to launch their original programming with a full-on sit-com for horror fans was kind of a genius move on their part as they now have something that no other network has going for it, and anywhere that the “Holliston” cast goes to promote the show and the FEARnet TV channel, they win over the entire convention.

In fact, in our own travels we’ve heard countless stories from horror convention attendees who told us they came only to see Green and the gang. In fact, some of them were not horror fans at all, but fell in love with the show and started watching horror because of “Holliston”. It’s a gateway to the genre. Fans are trying to order the FEARnet package on their cable line-up where available just for “Holliston”. The response has been amazing.

And what’s not to love? As horror fans, this show is made for us. It is us! And it shows horror fans in a positive light. Sure, we love watching a good gore scene, but we’re real people who go through all the same adventures, loves and losses as everyone else. “Holliston” shows that. And it also packs in loads of guest stars that are important to us. Kane Hodder, Tony Todd and Bill Moseley just to name a few of the many. It gives us references to movies that we love. It gives us fun gory moments and it has a heart as big as Oderus’ shoulderpads.


So where are you, “Holliston: Season 3”? FEARnet had the vision to produce a show like this and we can only hope that they plan on continuing it. FEARnet is winning over horror fans, as well as bringing in a whole new fanbase. They are becoming a true home for the horror fans. They have created their own identity as a network by developing a show like “Holliston” that is like nothing else on television, now or ever. In fact, we’re stoked to see what new original programming FEARnet can come up with. If they knew us well enough to program “Holliston”, we want to see what else they have up their sleeve. “Holliston” has made fans aware of FEARnet and the fans want more of it.

We suppose that an answer to what we can do to help lies in another of Green’s responses at the jam-packed Rock and Shock panel. A “Holliston” fan asked what fans of the show can do to make sure Season 3 happens. Green replied, “Look, never before have fans had so much power with networks as you now have a direct line to them online and through social networking. The “Holliston: Season 2” finale hit #7 on GetGlue and beat out major network shows like “The Voice,” “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Big Bang Theory”–and that was all you guys. So maybe instead of only writing to us, tweeting us, Facebooking us, also let FEARnet know what you think. Thank them for making “Holliston” possible in the first place. Take a few minutes to leave them message on their Facebook page, tweet them, or even write a letter to their programming department directly. They do listen to you. I wish I could say ‘if enough fans write’ then a Season 3 will be a sure thing or whatever, but I don’t know. All I know is that they love hearing directly from their audience, and if there is any question about whether or not we’re coming back to give you guys more, your voices may help them be able to make it happen. Of course they want to keep going with the show, but there’s so many other things that factor in on the business side that are beyond me and beyond the show.”

Also, Green’s co-stars, Corri English, Laura Ortiz and Dee Snider, with him on the panel, all echoed his statement. They implored the fans, “Let them hear you and let’s keep this show going.” It was met by huge applause which obviously moved all the cast members.

Now here’s what we can do, “Holliston” Nation. We can post about our love for “Holliston” on the official FEARnet Facebook page. We can tweet to the official FEARnet Twitter feed (@FEARnet) and we can write to them the old school way. Drop a letter to the address below, we know we will! Rise up, “Holliston” Nation!

FEARnet – Attention Programming
1601 Cloverfield Blvd. 
South Tower Suite 200
Santa Monica, CA 90404



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