Interactive iPhone App The Hunting Arrives This Week!

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Interactive iPhone App The Hunting Arrives This Week!A few months back we told you about an interactive app called The Hunting, which makes YOU the star of your own horror movie – forced to battle for survival against angry zombies. The app is launching this week, and you can whet your appetite with all the gory details below!

From the Press Release
The world’s first fully interactive ‘movie-app’ is being released for the iPhone on October 24th, and test audiences are calling it the world’s scariest app.

Shot entirely on an iPhone 4S and nearly two years in the making, there has never been anything like this before. A fully interactive live-action movie where you tap and swipe to fight the living dead. A terrifying first-person movie with a bone-chilling soundtrack. YOU are the main character, YOU make the decisions, YOU fight off the living dead and YOU live or die based on your actions.

Harnessing a large team, combining volunteers with up-and-coming talent from the UK film industry, The Hunting was created with two things in mind – a love of zombies and a desire to create something unique and terrifying. A true interactive movie.

We dare you to play it alone with headphones in the dark.

From award-winning director Allan Plenderleith and multi-million downloaded app developer Jason Stewart. Released on the iPhone app store by Wotsamaflip Studios Ltd.

Starring Chloe Partridge, Simon Sparks, Keith Tucker and Nick Clarke.

You awaken one morning to an apocalyptic world where an antibiotic resistant stain of bacteria has turned everyone, but a small few, into the undead. You hear a disturbing sound downstairs. Something is in your house. What do you do? You investigate. A figure stands in the kitchen. Suddenly it lunges, attacking, biting, fighting. You fight it off, grab your phone and try to escape. But every decision is crucial, and you can’t think straight with the sound of your own heartbeat pounding in your skull. You phone your girlfriend, you can’t get through, so you listen to her message. She’s being attacked. She’s near the farmhouse. You have to help her. NOW!

The Hunting: Part One is free and will be available exclusively in the Apple iTunes App Store on October 24. Parts 2 and 3 will follow soon thereafter. For more information, “like” The Hunting on Facebook!

The Hunting

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