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AFM 2013: Ryuhei Kitamura Swimming Through Dead WaterAs if prison wasn’t a dangerous enough place, picture if you will a twelve-foot tall robot guard gone haywire and rampaging through the halls. Sounds insane, right? Well, ladies and gents, allow us to introduce you to Goliath.

From filmmakers Eric Bross, Sean Albertson, and Matt Lazarus, the 10-minute short film will be available worldwide to watch for free this coming January. Be on the lookout for an exact date soon! The flick stars Fernanda Andrade as Jena Ortiz and Luis and Daniel Moncada as the Capablanca brothers with a cameo by Sully Erna.

The short film is based on an original concept by Bross and his brothers, Jonathan and Scott Bross. Goliath was written by Lazarus, directed by Bross, and co-produced by Albertson, Bross, and Lazarus. Kenny Roy oversaw visual effects duties along with visual effects supervisor Rob Stauffer.

A prison with a gang problem installs a 12′ robot guard: GOLIATH. When it goes berserk, the cons must work together to take it down.

The GOLIATH is the gigantic robot now guarding Derleth State Penitentiary. Derleth used to be awful; some would have called it hell on earth. The convicts were dangerous, with factions constantly at war with one another, and the guards couldn’t step in for fear of their lives and the lives of their families.

The GOLIATH has changed all of that. The threat of a robot with the programs necessary to hunt and the weapons built to decimate human life has kept the prisoners in line. Reporter Jena Ortiz goes in with the hopes of getting the scoop on how the warden managed to tame Derleth State. What she doesn’t count on is the GOLIATH going berserk. Now she may never get out.

No one is safe. The gangs must unite under the leadership of a man doing time for a non-violent offense. They must work together to take down a walking tank with nothing more than six shivs, a flashlight, and an uneasy alliance.


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