Exclusive Interviews with Chillerama's Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Kristina Klebe

Lynch then riffed for us on the beginnings of Chillerama and its gonzo future, “Even when we first conceived the idea, Tim [Sullivan] and Adam [Rifkin] had kind of come to us, sort of like Roger Corman would do, where it’s like, ‘We have a poster, and now we want to go make a movie for this poster.’ What’s great about that is that they actually had posters so we really felt like the ‘Corman machine’ was back at it again. So what we originally wanted to do was to come up with weird titles and then hand them off to other directors and say, ‘Here you go. Here’s no money and no time, and here’s a camera.’ The idea [for a sequel] is to come up with three or four new guys to exploit... I mean collaborate with,” Lynch laughed, “and to make Chillerama Volume 2. We want to have a whole library so [to the fans] please don’t download it. Buy it so that we can make the sequel.

As for what we may see in the follow-up, Lynch stated sarcastically, “If it happens, there’s a very good chance that one of the installments will be Deathication Part 2. It will be a ‘found footage’ film where [the character of] Fernando Phagabeefy basically puts cameras in bathrooms and watches people poop. It’ll be directed by Kristina Klebe. She’s going to love it!

Dark Delicacies Hosts Chillerama Signing Event

Speaking with actress Klebe (one of the stars of Green's "Diary of Anne Frankenstein" segment), who commenced shooting the noir feature The Advocate this week, she told us of her interest in shooting that psychological thriller as well as of her enjoyment in genre acting (in addition to Chillerama, she previously appeared in the gritty Rob Zombie Halloweeen redux), “I grew up with movies like The Shining so I really like that suspenseful, Hitchcock thriller style of movie, although I must say that I realized that the most fun you can have as an actor in coming from a theater background is in a horror film. Normally roles are very serious and you are stuck in a confined situation and you just have to say your lines, but in a horror movie you get to run around and scream and kind of act ridiculously but in a believable way so it is actually more fun!

About Chillerama
Produced by ArieScope Pictures and in the spirit of classic “omnibus” films like Dead of Night, Tales From the Crypt, Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie, with four vignettes that not only celebrate the golden age of B horror schlock but also nearly the entire history of horror cinema itself, Chillerama offers something for every bad taste. With titles like Wadzilla, I Was A Teenage Werebear, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein and Zom-B-Movie, Chillerama features appearances by Joel David Moore (Avatar, Hatchet), Lin Shaye (Insidious), Ray Wise (X-Men: First Class), Kane Hodder (Hatchet and Hatchet II), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Sharktopus) and more cameos than one can (body)count. For more info, check out the official Chillerama website.

Dark Delicacies Hosts Chillerama Signing Event

Dark Delicacies Hosts Chillerama Signing Event

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