X-Files Stars Primed and Ready for Third Film

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X-Files Stars Primed and Ready for Third FilmNow twenty years after it first came onto the scene, “The X-Files” TV series has spawned two feature films: one in 1998 and the other in 2008. Will we ever see Mulder and Scully return for a third film? If they have their wish!

As reported by The Wrap, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were on hand for a 20th anniversary panel discussion about the show over the weekend, both of whom expressed interest in searching for truth on the big screen one more time. “All the principals are on board,” said Duchovny. “Gillian and I want to do it, so it’s really up to Twentieth Century Fox at this point.

What’s the holdup? Fox just doesn’t seem to be all that interested in making another “X-Files” movie right now, though Anderson did comment that the fans may have the ability to help change that. “If it takes fan encouragement to get Fox interested,” she said, “then I guess that’s what it would be.

So if you’re a mega-fan of the show and you want to see a third film, let your voice be heard and demand that Fox bring Mulder and Scully back!

The X-Files 20th Anniversary Panel

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  • Sirand

    This news item is like Ghostbusters 3. It keeps popping up and it’s never gonna happen. Carter already pissed away all the good will with the final few seasons of the show and that godawful last film.

    Reboot the series on TV.