Sharcano Looks to Shoot Fins, Teeth, and Magma All Over Your Bookshelf

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Sharcano Looks to Shoot Fins, Teeth, and Magma All Over Your BookshelfJust how influential was Sharknado? The mere fact that I’m asking the question should be enough to prove so. The Asylum/Syfy blockbuster has even begun inspiring similarly themed novels. Like the upcoming Sharcano, the book about volcanoes that erupt magma sharks.

Jose Prendes, former ShockTillYouDrop contributor and writer of The Asylum’s The Haunting of Whaley House as well as the upcoming Thomas Jane/Nic Nolte western A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand, is behind this deranged novel about a reporter, a marine biologist, and a billionaire industrialist who have to join forces to save the world when a trio of erupting volcanoes unleash fire-breathing sharks made of lava.

Prendes told his former web-ployers about the inspiration for Sharkcano:

“The idea was to write a big, epic Syfy channel-style story but not worry about budget and silly script notes and pull out all the stops,” says Prendes. “Imagine the best possible version of a sharks-run-amok story, and that is what I tried to deliver. While the concept is admittedly cheesy, I made sure the consequences were real and the characters felt like human beings and not cookie-cutter cliches. I wanted to write THE STAND meets JAWS, and damn did I have a hell of a lot of fun along the way!”

Sharcano will be published January 27th by Curiosity Quills Press.

The real question is how long will it take Syfy to buy the movie rights and immediately change it to a single dad desperately trying to reunite his family before they are killed by actual prehistoric sharks unleashed from an erupting volcano set off by an evil industrialist whose illegal oil drilling has set off an ancient Native American curse. Silly script notes…


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