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Bioshock-ing Video



Bioshock (click to see it bigger!)If being the spiritual successor to what many still call the scariest game ever made wasn’t enough, Bioshock had to take home a lot of “Best of E3” awards on top of it. This was all well and good for the people lucky enough to see it behind closed doors, but for anyone shut out like me, the game remained this promising sounding title that we’d only seen a paltry few screens of.

IGN has been lucky enough to get its hands on over ten minutes of footage from the game, taken from the Xbox 360 version (the game is also heading to PC and PlayStation 3) and focuses mostly on the graphics and artificial intelligence, while detailing a little bit of its backstory.

For anyone not keeping tabs, Bioshock is set in a secret underwater civilization that was built in the late Forties as a Utopia for the elite. The smartest of the smart lived there, and quickly their work in genetic research far surpassed what people were doing on the surface above. They discovered something called “Adam,” which enabled them to reshape their own DNA to give them new and improved skills and abilities. This became the currency for the civilization, and as greed and excessive modification swept through the civilization, like many others, it fell.

Your character discovers this place, which is no longer civilized but still populated, after your plane crashes in the ocean near its secret entrance. It’s the only place for you to go, so you go there, presumably to try and find safe passage back to land and to perhaps uncover its secrets while there.

Bioshock (click to see it bigger!)Technically the game isn’t doing anything particularly new or notable, but artistically the combination of submariner environments mixed with a late Forties style of décor and architecture is a strikingly different direction than most games.

They want you to feel like the ocean is trying to break in and drown you, and judging from the video, they’ve made great strides in that direction.

The twisted creatures that dwell there, though, do not all necessarily want to kill you on sight. Two such types were the “big daddies” and the “little sisters”. The little sisters are thin, frail, and gaunt-looking little girls who go about harvesting and reprocessing Adam from dead bodie, by extracting it with a nasty looking syringe and then injecting it into themselves.

The big daddies’ job is to protect and escort the little sisters. These slow moving brutes wear diving suits, and their heavy metal boats make for a very recognizable sound. So long as you leave the little sisters alone, they’ll ignore you. Get too close and they’ll push you away. Persist and they’ll resort to more extreme measures.

Irrational Games really wants you to feel like these creatures are living, breathing things, and as such they’re set up to just go about their business dynamically. You’ll be able to choose whether to engage, avoid, or to try and enlist the help of these and other people (if you can still call them that) as you play through the game, and it’s just one facet of what is being touted as a very open-ended experience.

Bioshock (click to see it bigger!)Little is shown of the skill system (based around Adam of course) and what abilities you’ll be able to discover and upgrade, and very little of the story is being shown either. But artistically, the design, animation, and imagination of this game are amazing, and the AI is looking very interesting.

All things staying on course, we should have a very deep and scary experience to look forward to when 2K Games release the game next year. If you’re interested in taking a look for yourself (and I recommend it), you can do so on IGN. People on dial-up modems need not apply.


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Go Christmas Caroling with The Killing of a Sacred Deer



Given that I personally have gone Christmas caroling with various lunatics hopped up on eggnog, what the hell… why not go Christmas caroling with The Killing of a Sacred Deer? Dig on this latest clip!

Look for the flick starring Colin Farrell (Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, In Bruges, 2009) and co-starring Oscar winner Nicole Kidman (Best Actress, The Hours, 2003) to hit Blu-ray, DVD, and digital on January 23rd. Yorgos Lanthimos directs.

Special features include “An Impossible Conundrum” featurette, and the package will be priced at $24.99 and $19.98, respectively.

Dr. Steven Murphy (Farrell) is a renowned cardiovascular surgeon presiding over a spotless household with his ophthalmologist wife, Anna (Kidman), and their two exemplary children, 12-year-old Bob (Sunny Suljic) and 14-year-old Kim (Raffey Cassidy). Lurking at the margins of Steven’s idyllic suburban existence is Martin (Barry Keoghan), a fatherless teen he has covertly taken under his wing.

As Martin begins insinuating himself into the family’s life in ever-more unsettling displays, the full scope of his intent becomes menacingly clear when he confronts Steven with a long-forgotten transgression that will shatter the Murphy family’s domestic bliss.

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Which Monsters May Be Making Their TV Debut in Junji Ito Collection?



Studio Deen’s highly-anticipated anime anthology Junji Ito Collection has been building buzz, especially since its new teaser dropped weeks ago. Eagle-eyed fans who are well-acquainted with horror mangaka Junji Ito’s body of work will spot some familiar faces in the new trailer, brought to the small screen by showrunner Shinobu Tagashira.

So, who among Ito’s famous menagerie of monsters may be making an appearance in the show when it airs next year?

Oshikiri Toru

Oshikiri is the morally-questionable highschooler who begins to question his perception of reality in Hallucinations, a series of some loosely connected one-shots. Oshikiri’s a little on the short side, with an even shorter fuse. One thing he’s not short on is moneyas evidenced by his impressive, albeit creepy, mansion. We’ve yet to see which of his adventureswhich range from murder to parallel dimensionswill be his television debut.


The once-chatty Yuuko falls ill and sees her worst fears come to pass in Slug Girl, the famous one-shot whose brand of body horror is sure to feel like a distant cousin (or maybe a predecessor?) to Uzumaki‘s “The Snail” chapter. It offers little in the way of answers but is best enjoyed in all its bizarre glory.

The Intersection Bishounen

In Lovesick Dead, one of Ito’s longer standalone stories, an urban legend causes a rash of suicides when young girls begin to call upon a mysterious, black-clad spirit called the Intersection Bishounen. The custom catches on quickly among teenagers, out late and eager for him to tell them their fortune in life and love, since his advice is to die for. Literally.

Souichi Tsujii

A long-running recurring character in Ito’s manga (probably second only to Tomie herself), you’ll know Souichi by the nails he sucks on or sticks out of his moutha strange habit borne out of an iron deficiency. He’s an impish kid whose fascination with the supernatural makes him the odd man out in an otherwise normal family. The morbid pranks he likes to playfunny only to him—don’t do much to endear him to his peers or relatives, either.


The titular character in Fashion Model, Fuchi works as a professional model for her, shall we say, unique look and Amazonian stature. When she and another actress are hired by a crew of indie filmmakers, Fuchi shows them that she doesn’t like sharing the limelight. She also makes a cameo in a couple of Souichi’s stories, and in them he finds her genuinely attractive. Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.

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Nemo Rising Signing Happening at Dark Delicacies on December 23



Author C. Courtney Joyner will be signing copies of his new book Nemo Rising at Burkank’s Dark Delicacies horror store on Saturday, December 23 at 4pm. You can get the full details of the event and directions on Dark Delicacies’ website.

Nemo Rising will be a sequel to Jules Verne’s 1870 masterpiece Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and will see President Ulysses S. Grant recruiting the notorious Captain Nemo to destroy a gigantic sea monster which has been responsible for sinking ships. The gigantic eight-tentacled mollusc can be seen on the book’s cover below, and it looks like Nemo will have his work cut out for him.

Joyner also worked on the screenplays for the Full Moon films Doctor Mordrid and Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys, whilst his previous books include Hell Comes To Hollywood and the Shotgun series. If you can’t make it to the signing, Nemo Rising will be released in the US on December 26, and in the UK on January 13.

Nemo Rising Dark Delicacies Signing Details:
​Nemo Rising will be released on hardcover from Tor Books on December 26th, 2017.

JUST ANNOUNCED: On December 23rd at 4:00 PM, C. Courtney Joyner will sign copies of NEMO RISING at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California!

C. COURTNEY JOYNER is an award-winning writer of fiction, comics, and screenplays. He has more than 25 movies to his credit, including the cult films Prison, starring Viggo Mortensen; From a Whisper to a Scream, starring Vincent Price; and Class of 1999, directed by Mark Lester. A graduate of USC, Joyner’s first produced screenplay was The Offspring, which also starred Vincent Price. Joyner’s other scripts have included TV movies for CBS, USA, and Showtime. He is the author of The Shotgun western series and Nemo Rising.

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