Researchers Claim to Have Proof That Bigfoot Exists

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Researchers Claim to Have Proof That Bigfoot ExistsIs Bigfoot real? Or is the entire existence of the creature one big ol’ hoax? These are questions that have been asked for decades, alleged sightings from around the world leading many to believe that something big and hairy is indeed out there.

And yet, irrefutable proof of the mythical monster known as Sasquatch has never been presented. Or has it?

The New York Daily News reports that a group of Bigfoot researchers have the proof we’ve all been waiting for, both video footage and DNA samples that once and for all confirm the existence of the creature. They’ve unveiled never before seen footage of an alleged Bigfoot sleeping in the woods of Kentucky, along with blood and tissue samples that are being described as unlike anything that’s ever been seen before.

Approximately one hundred and thirteen separate samples of hair, blood, mucus, toenail, bark scrapings, saliva, and skin with hair and subcutaneous tissue attached were submitted by dozens of individuals and groups from thirty-four separate hominin collection sites around North America,” the report filed by the Sasquatch Genome Project explains. The researchers claim to have sent tissue samples to several outside labs, which they claim were analyzed and proven to be “identical to no other species previously known to man.”

But holes began to form in the story when New York University was contacted about their involvement in the studies. Though the researchers claimed to have sent samples over to them, the university denies having any involvement or studying any such samples.

We have more data in our paper than ever done before to prove a new species, but basic science doesn’t like the results,” said the project’s leader Melba Ketchum. “The scientific community doesn’t know what to do with this new find. I call it the Galileo effect.

Is this the real deal or just another in a long line of hoaxes? Decide for yourself by checking out the video below, which allegedly depicts the sleeping Bigfoot that the researchers found and documented!


“A group of Bigfoot researchers say break-through DNA evidence and video like this one allegedly showing a female Sasquatch sleeping in the woods proves Bigfoot’s existence.”


“A tissue sample believed by the researchers to have been taken from a real-life Bigfoot is seen. The hair is described as far more coarse like a horse’s than a human’s.”


“Samples of hair collected from this wooden structure in the woods is said to have contained a never-before-seen genetic structure that is said to be human.”


“A microscopic hair examination shows a variety of hair shaft profiles found. The full length of the hairs was approximately 15 cm and diameters ranged from 80 to 110 µm. Human head hairs typically range from 55 to 100 µm in diameter.”

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