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Sitges 2013 Bursting at the Seams with Horror: The Green Inferno, Machete Kills, Insidious Chapter 2, The Sacrament, Grand Piano, and MUCH More



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Sitges 2013 Bursting at the Seams with Horror: The Green Inferno, Machete Kills, Insidious Chapter 2, The Sacrament, Grand Piano, and MUCH MoreSitges 2013 kicks off 11 October, and if you’ll be there, just about every recently buzzed about horror film will be too so get some rest between now and then – you’ll need it!

From the Press Release:
A tidal wave of top notch fantastic cinema spattered with scares and, it goes without saying, a generous dose of hemoglobin will be stirring up the lineup at the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, to be held in Spain from 11 to 20 October.

Besides the previously announced films, the Official Fantàstic Selection will be completed with some of this year’s most eagerly awaited productions. The Green Inferno, by Eli Roth, pays tribute to the cannibal horror classics; All Cheerleaders Die is a new twist on teen comedies with a gore spirit, and Afflicted proposes a new approach to vampire movies. Plus the Official Selection won’t be missing out on the movie with the flashiest cast from Robert Rodríguez, Machete Kills, or science fiction from the tireless Terry Gilliam in The Zero Theorem.

The Official Fantàstic Selection will be including The Green Inferno, the latest movie from director Eli Roth, a Sitges regular who, following the intense emotions in Hostel, takes us to Amazonia in his new film to discover a forgotten tribe that practices terrifying cannibalistic rituals. It’s the director’s personal, ultragore tribute to movies like Cannibal Holocaust by Ruggero Deodato and Cannibal Ferox by Umberto Lenzi, which still remain in the memory of the most radical genre fans. It’s undoubtedly a piece de resistance that already made a big impact on audiences at the recent Toronto festival.

Also arriving from Toronto are two other films that will pack a punch at this year’s festival:

All Cheerleaders Die by Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson, a teen horror comedy full of gore, zaniness, and transgressive ideas in genre, based on a previous short film by the same couple of directors. Lucky McKee is a Festival veteran, where he already successfully presented his previous works May and The Woman.

Afflicted had an extraordinary reception at the Canadian festival, where some moviegoers even suffered convulsions during the screening. Derek Lee and Clif Prowse’s film videographically tells the story of the vicissitudes of two friends traveling through Europe, until one of them contracts a strange disease after spending the night with a mysterious young woman. Afflicted is an intelligent and terrifying step further in vampire cinema, with touches of superhero movies and a serious, dark tone.

On the other hand, Sitges will be presenting the latest work from the creators of Amer, Bruno Forzani and Hélène Cattet, entitled L’étrange couleur des larmes de ton corps, and that once again is a tribute to the aesthetics and sound of Italian giallo, forming a visual symphony that’s well worth enjoying.

In its Official Selection, Sitges 2013 will also be presenting eagerly-awaited films like Machete Kills, the latest from Robert Rodriguez with a star-studded cast (Danny Trejo, Sofia Vergara, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Lady Gaga…), as well as the latest big hit on American screens, Insidious Chapter 2, the most recent film by king of horror James Wan, and Terry Gilliam’s new incursion into science fiction with The Zero Theorem.

In addition, as special gifts for our numerous animated movie fans, beyond the section already dedicated to this genre, Sitges will be offering special screenings of two long-awaited films: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, the new movie version of the Akira Toriyama’s legendary universe, plus the latest from Hayao Miyazaki, The Wind Rises, highly acclaimed at the latest Venice Festival.

The Sitges 2013 closing film will be Ti West’s latest, The Sacrament, yet another big hit at the Venice and Toronto festivals. West, discovered in Sitges, where he had presented previous works like The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers, is now confirmed as one of the great present-day genre directors with this story that revolves around two journalists’ research on a sinister messianic sect.

All of these films will join the others we’ve been announcing over the last few months at this new edition of the Festival, marked by the new manifestations of evil, as is the case with Only God Forgives, the new film from Nicolas Winding Refn; Jim Jarmusch’s most recent work, Only Lovers Left Alive, a unique story of eternal love between two vampires; a bizarre, surreal comedy from Roman Coppola, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swann III; The Congress, the spectacular Stanislaw Lem adaptation directed by Ari Folman; Real, director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s return to fantastic cinema; and La danza de la realidad, the new work by multifaceted Alejandro Jodorowski.

List of Films Secció Oficial Fantàstic in Competition
009 RE:Cyborg 3D
A Field in England
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III
All Cheerleaders Die
Big Bad Wolves
Blind Detective
Cheap Thrills
Dark Touch
Europa Report
Gallows Hill
Hooked Up
Jodorowsky’s Dune
L’étrange Couleur des larmes de ton corps
La danza de la realidad
Lesson of the Evil
Magic Magic
Monsoon Shootout
Only God Forgives
Only Lovers Left Alive
Open Grave
Possession (Sapi)
Rigor Mortis
Space Pirate: Captain Harlock
The Congress
The Green Inferno
The Philosophers
The Returned
The Sacrament
The Station
Upstream Color
We Are What We Are
Wrong Cops

List of Films Secció Oficial Fantàstic Out of Competition
The Zero Theorem
Insidious Chapter 2
Machete Kills
The Call
The World’s End
Wolf Creek 2

Opening Film
Grand Piano

Closing Film
The Sacrament

For additional information visit the official Sitges Film Festival website and “like” the Sitges Film Festival on Facebook.

The Horrors of Sitges 2013

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Through the Cracks – Trick or Treat (1986) Review



Starring Marc Price, Tony Fields, Lisa Orgolini, Glen Morgan, Gene Simmons, and Ozzy Osbourne

Directed by Charles Martin Smith

I have been a horror fan for more than half of my life at this point. Meaning I have seen most of the quality horror offerings under the sun. But that said, every once in awhile a classic sneaks past so we wanted to create this “Through the Cracks” review section for such films.

Case in point, I had never seen the Halloween horror flick Trick or Treat until last night. I know, right? How the hell did that happen? But these things do happen and so for everyone that has seen the flick a million times, this will be a review of the movie from a super horror fan that – at the age of 33 – is seeing Trick or Treat for the very first time.

Now let’s get to it.

First off you have to love the movie’s plot. Mixing horror and heavy metal seems like a given, yet preciously few films Frankenstein these two great tastes together.

Like many of you out there, I am a big metal fan as well as a big horror fan. The two seem to go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Or Jason and horny campers.

I dig bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and even those hair metal bands (Dokken forever!) and I’m well aware of the legends surrounding playing these records backward.

Off the top of my head, the only other flick that combines the two to this degree is the (relatively) recent horror-comedy Deathgasm. I say more horror-metal flicks! Or should we call it Metal-Horror? Yeah, that’s a much more metal title.

It only makes sense that someone, somewhere would take the idea of “What if Ozzy Osbourne really was evil and came back from the dead (you know, if he had passed away during his heyday) to torment a loner fan?” Great premise for a movie!

And Trick or Treat delivers on the promise of this premise in spades. Sammi Curr is an epic hybrid of the best of the best metal frontmen and his resurrection via speaker is one of the great horror birthing scenes I have seen in all my years.

Add to that the film feels like a lost entry in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. More specifically the film feels like it would fit snugly in between two of my favorite entries in that series, Dream Warriors and The Dream Master.

This movie is 80’s as all f*ck and I loved every minute of it.

And speaking of how this film brought other minor classics to the forefront of my brain, let’s talk about the film’s central villain, Sammi Curr. This guy looks like he could share an epic horror band with the likes of Mary Lou from Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II and the Drill Killer rocker from Slumber Party Massacre Part II.

Picture that band for a moment and tell me they aren’t currently playing the most epic set in Hell as we speak. I say let’s see an Avengers-style series of films based on these minor horror icons sharing the stage and touring the country’s high school proms!

In the end Trick or Treat has more than it’s fair share of issues. Sammi Curr doesn’t enter the film until much too late and is dispatched way too easily. Water? Really? That’s it?

That said, the film is still a blast as director Charles Martin Smith keeps the movie rocking like an 80’s music video with highlights being Sammi’s rock show massacre at the prom and his final assault on our hero teens in the family bathroom.

Rockstar lighting for days.

Even though the film has issues (zero blood, a rushed ending) none of that mattered much to this horror hound as the film was filled to the brim with striking horror/metal imagery and a killer soundtrack via Fastway and composer Christopher Young.

Plus you’ve got to love the cameos by Gene Simmons (boy, his character just dropped right out of the movie, huh?) and Ozzy Osbourne as a mad-as-hell Preacher that isn’t going to take any more of this devil music. P.S. Watch for the post-credits tag.

More than a few of my closest horror buddies have this film placed high on their annual Halloween must-watch lists. And after (finally) viewing the film for myself, I think I just may have to add the film to mine as well. Preferably on VHS.

Trick or Treat is an 80’s horror classic. If you dig films like Popcornand if you put the film off like I did, remedy that tonight and slap a copy in the old VHS/DVD player.

Just don’t play it backward… God knows what could happen.

All said and done, I enjoyed the hell out of my first viewing of Trick or Treat. But what do YOU think of the film? Make sure to hit us up and let us know below or on social media!

Now bring on Trick or Treat 2: The Prom Band from Hell, featuring Sammi Curr, Mary Lou Maloney, and Atanas Ilitch’s Driller Killer from Slumber Party Massacre Part II!

  • Trick or Treat (1986) 3.5


Charles Martin Smith’s Trick or Treat is a sure-fire Halloween treat for fans of 80’s horror flicks, as well as fans of heavy metal music.

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Jordan Peele Is Open to the Idea of Get Out Sequel



Recently we shared the baffling news that this year, the Golden Globes were considering writer-director Jordan Peele’s psychological horror-thriller Get Out a comedy.

Hurm. While that bit of news still doesn’t make a bit of sense to me, today we have an update on Jordan Peele’s possible sequel Get Out 2. Which is always welcome.

Deadline was recently speaking with the filmmaker and Peele told them that although he still hasn’t cracked the sequel, if he comes up with a fresh spin he would have no problem revisiting the first film.

“I haven’t decided anything yet,” Peele told the site. “I am allowing the creative part to bubble up, and not force it. I know if a follow-up is meant to happen, it will. I’m open to figuring out what it is. But I also don’t want to let down the original and its fans. I simply would not do something like that for the cash.”

Good to hear!

I don’t know about you, but if Jordan Peele does decide to revisit the world of Get Out again in the future, I will be there. After reading these comments, I have faith the man will not return unless the story deserves it. Money be damned!

Unless… the sequel is called Sell Out… Ooohh. Snap. All jokes aside, in this world of sequels and remakes, it feels pretty damn good to hear a filmmaker talk this way.

What do you think of a Get Out sequel? Do you think the first film needs a continuation? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on social media!

You can buy Get Out on Blu-ray HERE.


Now that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy and Dean. At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined.

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Joe Dante’s Matinee Starring John Goodman Blu-ray Special Features Announced!



One of my favorite childhood movies was director Joe Dante’s Matinee starring John Goodman. I watched the flick all the time and still make sure to give it a peep as often as I can. In fact, I just rewatched the movie last month. Still holds up too!

As I’ve grown up and watched more horror movies, I have come to call this film “Popcorn for the whole family.” And visa versa, have labeled Popcorn as“Matinee for the 80’s slasher crowd.” Both of these statements as completely apt by the way.

It is with this love of the film in mind that I wanted to make sure to pass along the news that Shout! Factory is planning to release Matinee on Collector’s Edition Blu-ray January 9th, 2018. And it is a beauty.

You can check out the full list of special features below along with the Collector’s Edition cover art. Then make sure to let us know what you think of Matinee below!

Matinee hits Collector’s Edition Blu-ray via Shout! Factory January 9th, 2018!



John Goodman is at his uproarious best as the William Castle-inspired movie promoter Lawrence Woolsey, who brings his unique brand of flashy showmanship to the unsuspecting residents of Key West, Florida.

It’s 1962, and fifteen-year-old fan Gene Loomis (Simone Fenton) can’t wait for the arrival of Woolsey, who is in town to promote his latest offering of atomic power gone berserk, Mant! But the absurd vision of Woolsey’s tale takes on a sudden urgency as the Cuban Missile Crises places the real threat of atomic horror just 90 miles off the coast. With the help of Woolsey’s leading lady, Ruth (Cathy Moriarty), the master showman gives Key West a premiere they’ll never forget. Anything can happen in the movies, and everything does in this hilarious tribute to a more innocent (and outrageous) time in American cinema.

Bonus Features:

NEW Master Of The Matinee – An Interview With Director Joe Dante

NEW The Leading Lady – An Interview with Cathy Moriarty

NEW MANTastic! The Making Of A Mant

NEW Out Of The Bunker – An Interview With Actress Lisa Jakub

NEW Making A Monster Theatre – An Interview With Production Designer Steven Legler

NEW The Monster Mix – An Interview With Editor Marshall Harvey

NEW Lights! Camera! Reunion! – An Interview With Director Of Photography John Hora

Paranoia In Ant Vision – Joe Dante Discusses The Making Of The Film

MANT! – The Full-Length Version Of The Film With Introduction By Joe Dante

Vintage Making-Of Featurette

Behind The Scenes Footage Courtesy Of Joe Dante

Deleted And Extended Scenes Sourced From Joe Dante’s Workprint

Still Galleries

Theatrical Trailer

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